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~ The VaporWare Submergence Spa Now Goes Maxis Match + 6 Bonus Goth Recolours ~

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Uploaded: 24th Mar 2017 at 5:49 AM
Updated: 24th Mar 2017 at 6:15 AM
The title pretty much says it all, the Vaporware Submergence Spa in colours to match some favorite old Maxis paints. The real gem here is Michelle's Goth recolours of this spa. They match her recently uploaded Fantasy Bedroom recolours and some folks have asked if there were possibly more Goth objects to come - so here you go.

Many "Thanks" and Enjoy!

Michelle and Debra

Found: Buy Mode ~> Plumbing ~> Hot Tubs
Cost: §8,500
Size: 3x3 Tiles
Requirements: This is a Base Game object, no EP's or SP's required
Textures and Colors: Maxis

Custom Content used in our Screenshots:
Degrees #1 Floor Tiles in Purple, Tornado Solid Steel Fence in White and Steadfast Stairs in White all by Michelle
A Simple Planter in Marble and Planter Box Roses by SimFused

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis ~ MTS ~ CEP ~ SimPE ~ GIMP ~ HomeCrafter Plus ~ Gadwin PrintScreen