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Women's Full Back Tattoo of Richard Ayoade as Maurice Moss from IT Crowd

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2019 at 5:57 PM
Is Your Sim A Dedicated IT Crowd Fan?

Well Now She Can Have Her Own Richard Ayoade Tattoo!

I created this work of art as fanart on my Ipad with my Apple Pencil, and converted it to the sims 4 as a tattoo that will work on any skin tone, for ages teen through elder on either gender.

I wanted my geek sims to show their nerdiness through the use of body art

You can find the tattoo in the upper back category of tattoos in cas available to ages teen through elder on both males and females

When I originally drew the picture I found a photograph of Richard Ayoade on Pinterest and drew it from observation.

My intent was to share my digital art with MTS through the Sims 4 by creating custom content with it.

Additional Credits:
I used Sims 4 Studio and Adobe Photoshop to create the conversion and I used Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Art Studio Pro to create the artwork