Set "Lucia" - Gate & Fence

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2020 at 10:02 PM
Updated: 28th Aug 2020 at 6:33 AM
Hello friends!
I again offer you additional materials for construction. This is a large number of fences and four functional gates, and one decorative gate. A fence lamp is also included with the set, it fits perfectly with my fence, as it hides the sharp tip of the post.
Fences and gates decorated with curls have more polygons per square than the game provides (1200 poly), but now almost all computers with good performance and I think this will not create big problems, but for those who have weak computers, consider this problem.
*Note-I I think it does not require installing all add-on and stuff packs (although I have all installed),, but from what I'm to understand about the fences, you need to have at least one EP for them to work. It's based off of a Base game fence, so it doesn't matter which EP you have, as long as there is at least one. Also, I'm using my GUID numbers for this, too, so there shouldn't, in theory, be any conflicts, but if there are, let me know.

Textures used from wall coverings from Maxis

The set includes:
- 25 medium fences (brick + rods)
- 25 high fences (brick + rods)
- 1 low fence (rods)
- 1 invisible fence
- 2nd gate with an arch (1 and 2 tiles)
- 2nd gate without arch (1 and 2 tiles)
- 1 half gate for the driveway - decor (placed on the right and left side). Driveway gates are installed without additional codes.

Collection file included (gates, lamp, Maxis wall coverings are included, fences are not included as this is not provided by the game resources)

To create a beautiful closed parking area, I made an invisible fence and decorative gates for 5 tiles. Installation order -
1 Determine a parking space 5 tiles wide
2 Step back from the sidewalk a few cells into the depths of the site and put an invisible fence on five cells where the parking will be located
3 Place any beautiful fence around the rest of the perimeter
4 Enter the code [moveobjects on] and place the driveway at a predetermined location.
5 Place decorative gates on the right and left sides of the path, at the edge of the fence
6 Close to the gate, put on top of the first, second driveway, but without any entry slots. Enter the code [moveobjects off]
7 You can buy and park a car
8 Don't forget to put a gate (and lock it from outsiders) for your Sims

1 Fence Tall - Price: 25$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
2 Fence Medium - Price: 25$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
3 Fence Short - Price: 15$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
4 Fence Invisible - Price: 1$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
5 Gate Brick Tile1 - Price: 55$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
6 Gate Brick Tile2 - Price: 70$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
7 Gate Medium Tile1 - Price: 50$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
8 Gate Medium Tile2 - Price: 60$
Build > Miscellaneous > Fences and Gates
9 Gate for Parking Decor - Price: 70$
Buy > Decorative > Sculptures
10 Fence Lamp - Price: 60$
Buy > Lighting > Fence Lamp

Polygon Counts:
Polygon Counts:
S= Straight, D= Diagonal, P= Post

Fence Tall - S= 1818!, D= 2014!, P= 92
Fence Medium - S= 562, D= 742, P= 76
Fence Short - S= 1826!, D= 2038!, P= 42
Gate Brick Tile 1 - 3576!
Gate Brick Tile 2 - 4488!
Gate Medium Tile 1 - 1072
Gate Medium Tile 2 - 3328!
Gate for Parking Decor - 2308!
Lamp Fence - 664

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop CS6,
The Compressorizer ,