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Varrien Miles

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Uploaded: 24th Oct 2020 at 7:54 PM
Hi, it's me with another random sim packed with custom content, because why not.
Say hello to Varrien Miles, a tall repartee (mean), who loves reading books (bookworm) and eating lots of food (glutton). He's aspiring to become Bestselling Author.

CC by outfits:
darte77's hoodie
casteru's sweatpants
darte77's sneakers


saurus's tee
luumia x synth's joggers
madlen's shoes


trillyke's jacket
liliili pants
mmsims's sneakers


cold weather:
darte77's coat
dyoreos's jeans

---other cc used---

glumbut's haze hair

pralinesims's eyebrows

savage sim baby's tattoo

blewis's hairline

faaeish's eyelids

capitalCo's skinblend

luumia's body hair

luumia's height slider

simle's adonis belt slider

lamatisse's skintones

pyxis's nosemasks

kijiko's uncurled eyelashes

pyxis's catchlight overlays


luumia's vanilla skin, fixed by MyHeartSims
squeamishsims beetle eyes
hellfrozever's teeth defaults
cien z roza's no ea eyelashes
magic bot's default feet

Custom Content by Me:
- Varrien Miles tray files

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 tray importer for tracking all the cc.