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Fiber Artist Career

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2021 at 4:40 PM
Fiber Artist Career

8 Levels

Requires City Living and Nifty Knitting

I enjoy slightly realistic careers that actually feel like I'm working for the career. That's why level 1 does start off with creating a social media profile, which does require level 5 charisma. (An odd choice on EAs part since literally anyone can make a social media profile IRL, as we all know.) I personally enjoy playing this career with KawaiiStacie's SOL mod! Hope you guys enjoy!

Level 1: Newcomer
S M T W T F S, $10/hr
You're just getting started on the road to selling your hand knit items. The pay is low, but hopefully someone will buy something of yours along the way. Just keep working on your brand. After all, sims love to buy terrible items if the label is pretty enough!

Level 2: Hobby Seller
S M T W T F S, $12/hr
It's time to start selling your knitted goods! Flood the system with your holey creations, as a curtesy to others.

Level 3: Knitter of Simstagram
S M T W T F S, $15/hr
{0.SimFirstName} has learned the best way to get people's attention with {F0.her}{M0.his} work is to shove it in other people's faces. Time to get popular and encourage people to spend, spend, spend!

Level 4: Budding Artist
S M T W T F S, $19/hr
Now that people have begun to follow, tag all their friends, and comment their favorite thing about your brand, it's time to get comfortortable and hone your skills. After all, you might have to get get someday!

Branch: Plopsy Creator

Level 5: Popular Merchant
S M T W T F S, $22/hr
Everyone is loving your product so far! Keep the traction going and keep riding your follow's pockets until yours are overflowing.

Level 6: Plopsy Veteran
S M T W T F S, $29/hr
You've definitely been around the block a few times by now. You know the customers are never right by now, but that doesn't seem to stop them from complaining about everything anyways. Work hard or be swept away by the next crafted craze.

Level 7: Published Success
S M T W T F S, $35/hr
Amazing! {0.SimFirstName}'s success on Plopsy has been so widespread, you have a cult following who want to know how to get started in the Plopsy biz, just like their idol, {0.SimFirstName}! Hard work will definitely be paid off soon.

Level 8:Plopsy Superstar
S M T W T F S, $40/hr
You made it! Everyone knows who you are in the fiber art's world, and people are clamoring to purchase your sold out items. There will always be critics, but sit back and enjoy how far you've come from the days of constantly dropping stitches.

Branch: Mad Knitter

Level 5:Gift Giver
S M T W T F S, $20/hr
You've made so many knitted items, you're practically just giving them away. Try that!

Level 6:Volunteer Knitter
S M T W T F S, $22/hr
With so many leftover scraps from past projects, why not knit them into something useful for others? There's always someone who could use a warm article of clothing.

Level 7: That One Cousin Who Knits
S M T W T F S, $24/hr
Like it says. People in your family know you as that one cousin who knits, because you've never purchased them a gift in what feels like years. It's always handmade goodies made with love and 100% dust-free alpaca yarn. How sweet!

Level 8: Knitting Guru
S M T W T F S, $30/hr
You're so confident in your skills, you can no longer improve anymore. You've learned all there is to learn, and you can cable knit in your sleep now. Time to teach others your skills so they can also join the cult of expensive crafting.