Outdoors Sticker Wall Decor

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Uploaded 10th Nov 2021 at 5:56 PM

I made a few things that you can use to make the outside of your home, look more, well, homey. (Is that even a word?)

Stickers. You can do quite a bit with these. There's decorative geko's, sun and moons and Ivy wall creepers. Then there's "welcome" signs and numbers that you can use to number your houses. You can easily adjust the size by using "shift" and either "[" or "]"

Where can you find these? Just look under "Objects by function" "Decorations" and "Paintings" Easy as pie

I hope you enjoy this creation and if there's any problems, feel free to contact me.

Happy Simming!


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Room: Living Dining Bedroom Bathroom Study Outdoor
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