Gamer Painting Set (English and Simlish!) Recolour of Route 66(NL)

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Uploaded: 20th Mar 2022 at 3:34 PM
There are 3 sets of gamer paintings that are recolours of "Route 66" From the NightLife EP.

One set has English words, one is Simlish and the last is just gaming symbols

Found in Decorative>Wall Hangings in the buy catalog

Route 66 (NL)
Room score:+2

Each file includes 5 painting/pkg files and a jpg.

You need CEP in order for these to show up in your game. Available here:

Made with/Thanks to SimPE -

Also thanks to Simlili for their list of paintings/info:

HUGE thanks to AJAY's SIMBLR for the Simlish Font:

Original art can be found here: