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'Fuvwara 2' - Fountain Set

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2022 at 8:39 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2022 at 11:04 PM
Hello Everyone!!

I am very excited to present with 'Fuvwara 2' a Part 2 Fountain set with 5 beautiful fountains!

You can mix and match with Part 1 to create more combinations as you like!

This set started with a very interesting Floral shape of the Basin, which is the primary recurring theme in this set. I was so happy with the final result that I could not stop experimenting with it to form different fountains. And here's the result. I hope you all like it.

  • Base Game Compatible.
  • All LODs.
  • Octogone Fountain with 120 Swatches!
  • Floral Basin Bird Bath Fountain -1 with 12 Swatches!
  • Floral Basin Bird Bath Fountain -2 with 12 Swatches!
  • Floral Floor Basin Fountain with 12 Swatches!
  • Floral Wall Fountain with 12 Swatches!
  • All objects can be found in Fountains Section.

Poly Count: Average Poly Count on Fountain Pieces is around 6k on the highest LOD. Please check for Poly Count against each fountain object in Archive Information as it may not be suitable for low-end PC users.

There are more Swatches than shown in the images!!!

As always, happy to see you use my CC, so please don’t forget to tag me in your posts/videos so I could take a moment to look at and appreciate your creation!

Any feedback/suggestions are most welcome!

Please respect my Terms of Usage.

Re-colour of my CC is allowed, but please do NOT include the mesh. Instead, link back to the original mesh.
Please do NOT claim my cc as your own or put them behind a paywall.
Please do NOT modify my meshes or convert them for any other games.