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Powerpuff girls Party/Hotweather dress! (Toddler)

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2022 at 11:26 PM
This dress is my favorite out of all my toddler clothes, I use it for sims even if not ppg related just because it's so cute!
There are five swatches, One blue, One pink, one green, and two purple. Each swatch has a different pattern on the dress's undershirt to make each dress special.

Powerpuff girls Party/Hotweather dress.
Ages: Toddler
Gender: Female.
Clothing Type: Everyday, Party, Hotweather wear.
Clothing section: dress
Colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Purple.

You need to have the toddler stuff pack to be able to use this dress. It is a recolor from that pack.

LOD 0: Polygons-4390. Vertices-2192.
LOD 1: Polygons-2268. Vertices-1642.
LOD 2: Polygons-1152. Vertices-907.
LOD 3: Polygons-612. Vertices- 521.