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Sailor Moon Lettermen Jackets

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2022 at 9:03 PM
I was inspired after seeing some sailor moon lettermen jackets someone else had made so I decided to make my own since those ones weren't really to my taste.

Ages: Teen, Young adult, Adult, Elder.
Gender: Female.
Clothing Type: Everyday, Party, Cold weather.
Clothing section: Jacket
Colors: White, Punk, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow.

You only need to have Base game for this Jacket

LOD 0: Polygons-3776. Vertices-2519.
LOD 1: Polygons-2048. Vertices-1567.
LOD 2: Polygons-1136. Vertices-954.
LOD 3: Polygons-552. Vertices- 602.