Retuned Polish Grading System!

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Uploaded: 7th Jul 2024 at 2:56 PM
Updated: 8th Jul 2024 at 11:59 AM
Take a look at the important notes at the end!

Update 1: Thanks to Nopke's guidance, I made some significant changes:
  • The mod no longer needs to operate under the name "Live.package" because I changed the TXTR resource group, allowing the mod to work independently of the name. You can change the file name however you like.
  • There's no longer a need to download two separate files for the memories and new grading system. Everything is now contained in one package file.
  • I slightly modified the grading system. A grade of 1+ — which means failing, same as grade 1 — was considered as good enough by the game, which doesn't make much sense. I removed grade 1+ and replaced it with 5+ as the highest grade a Sim can achieve. The memory of a bad grade will appear when a Sim gets a 2+, and the default grade is now 3 instead of 3-.

This mod replaces the original grading system in the Polish version of The Sims 2.

I never liked how the Polish translators of The Sims 2 handled the school grading system. Although some improvisation was needed due to the game's 13-value scale — and ideally, to accurately represent the Polish system, it should consist of 16 values — I still think it could have been done better.

The Polish education system uses grades from 1 to 6. In the Polish version of Sims 2, the highest grade is 6+, and the lowest is 2, which is inaccurate. In reality, there is no grade like 6+, and the lowest grade is actually 1, which means failing. A grade of 2 is more like a American D, not an F. In The Sims 2, children with a grade of 2 are taken away by a social worker, which doesn't make any sense, as Polish students with a grade of 2 can continue their education. I also dislike how the game considers a grade of 3+ as negative, giving Sims' and their family members a negative memory, and also prevents teens from starting a part-time job. In Poland, a grade of 3 is more of an average one, rather than negative.

Therefore, I edited some text lines slightly to align it with the education system in Poland. Now, the grading scale is 1-5+ instead of 2-6+. I had to eliminate the grade 6 due to limitations and the plus-minus system, but a grade of 5 still requires significant effort to achieve. The grade that the game considers negative is now 2+, just like in Poland. Grade 3 is now the default one.

Here's how the two scales differ from each other — the original and my modified version:
  • 6+ is now 5+
  • 6 is now 5
  • 6- is now 5-
  • 5+ is now 4+
  • 5 is now 4
  • 5- is now 4-
  • 4+ is now 3+
  • 4 is now 3
  • 4- is now 3-
  • 3+ is now 2+
  • 3 is now 2
  • 3- is now 2-
  • 2 is now 1

Perhaps for some, this change may be drastic, but I believe that my scale much better reflects the Polish education system than what the Polish translators done. If you're a perfectionist like me, you'd probably be bothered by the fact that Sims' memories don't match the new scale, but don't worry - I took care of that! It's purely a cosmetic change, but a sight for sore eyes. This mod is mostly cosmetic anyway, from someone who didn't always get perfect grades, probably just like most of you.

If you downloaded this mod, please leave a comment to let me know if you like it. If you discover any mistakes or conflicts, please inform me, and I will try to fix them as soon as possible.

  • To install, just place the file into your "Downloads" folder.
  • If you have the older version of my mod for the New Random Name Generator, it may conflict with this mod. Please download the latest version of the generator from Mod The Sims to avoid any issues.
  • I haven't detected any other problems or conflicts. Let me know if you find any.