Testers Wanted: Harry Potter; Auror Major

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This is a new major I created based on the careers discussed in the Harry Potter books. This one is for Auror studies and is based on the classes that are outlined in "The Order of the Phoenix"

Major: Auror Studies
Description: Tired of Dark Wizards and Evil triumphing in the world? Do something about it! Become an Auror and fight dark magic!

Freshman 1st Term: Great Aurors of the past: Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
Freshman 2nd term: Studying Dark Wizards: Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters

Sophomore 1st Term: Defense Against the Dark Arts: Coming out on Top
Sophomore 2nd Term: Potions: Poisons and Antidotes

Junior 1st Term: Transfiguration: Hide your work in creative ways
Junior 2nd Term: Charms: Spells to keep you alive

Senior 1st Term: Herbology: This may come in handy...
Senior 2nd term: Character building: Do you have what it takes?

This Major is cloned from the Psychology Major and therefor will require the same skills as that. It does have its own GUID: 0x00190901 so it will nto overwrite any others. Let me know if it works. This is the first major I've uploaded and so I am a little anxious to see if it works for all you. I have tried it in my game and I've found nothing yet wrong. Thanks!