*Update2*(By request) Two multi sim hammocks...

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2007 at 5:46 AM
Updated: 21st Nov 2008 at 12:09 AM by whitesiren
*update 1* A person reported that the object was not placing in game. I was a to replicate this problem when I turned the moveObjects mode off. I noticed, in the package, some GUID conflicts that may have existed. I have fixed these, but I am not cetain this will solve the issue. It worked for my game. Please report any further issues to me. Important: Because I have changed the GUIDs, make sure that your sims are not saved as using this object. If they are and you replace the file, it will cause conflicts in

*update 2* There was a continued issue with the GUID for the non-framed hammock. I have replace all GUIDs for both objects and reloaded them here.


*Important* Please read!

Hello again All,

I got at least a dozen requests for a two person hammock. I've created one with a frame and then one that ties to trees. The larger hammock, however, did not line up with any trees in the game, so I made a special tree identical to the Birtch sappling, but off center. Encluded in the zip, this tree will line up with the ropes of the hammock. If it does not line up on either side when you place my off center tree, just flip it around. One of it's placements will work on both sides. The trees must be bought seperate from the hammock, and your will find my special tree right next to the normal Birch sappling in build mode. Now, this was cloned from a bed, and there are some functions I left active, as well as some I deactivated.

Activated functions:

Make out
Read a Book
Day Dream

Functions such as WooHoo and sleep had to be deactivated due to clipping and strange animations that the sheets no longer hide.

Faces = 3,387 (About 500 per tile)

Encluded in the zip are the hammock with frame, the hammock for trees, and the off center tree to fit the two person hammock. If you like this and have not downloaded my single person hammock, here is a link to it:


Please do not repost or post recolors of this without my permission

I hope you all enjoy this. Thanks so much for your support.

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