A nightlight for your nightime Sims(New Mesh,Custom Lighting)...

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2007 at 6:42 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2008 at 2:22 PM by -Maylin-
Hi all,

If you want to get real technical, I've been working on this for months...but I had put it down for a while because I didn't know how to make it work. My original hope was to at least make the nightlight stay on all the time, but I have not only learned a way to do that, I have also figured out a way to make the nightlight come on when the rest of the lights in the room are turned off. I have also learned some limmited light manipulation techniques that I used for this. In this zip file, there are two vesions. NightLight2 is Everlit, meaning it always stays on. Nightlight3 will come on when you turn the turn off all lights in a room, even while your sim sleeps, or when there are no other lights in a room. I owe some credit here to Worship4Ever for brain storming with me on ideas to try with this project. Thanks, Sir. This object will allow recolors...see my policy if you plan to recolor it. I hope you all like it.

Face count = 251 faces

IMPORTANT: This object requires The Sims 2: Night Life to function!

If you are planning to recolor this or post it with a lot, read you will need to read my poilcy first...you will find it HERE.

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