Gelatin Replacements

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Uploaded 21st Apr 2007 at 7:20 PM

Sitting here looking at the Red Jello my sims would make
i thought it a good idea to make a replacement or two?
if you are tired of the red jello in your game then here is a nice colour change for you.

Note: You can only use one colour these packages replace the jello in game to a new colour and do not have a new guid to make it a new file in your fridge.

Unfortunatly these do not change the Whatey Buffet table colour as it is on it's own food option and would have to be recoloured through the table.

these do not have a new plate or serving bowl due to the fact that they are replacements.

It works just fine for me in all expansions including Seasons, and does work for putting away leftovers,
the call to meal function works just as it would with the main red jello.

With any new food complexity these cannot be recoloured in the same fashion you recolour objects,
if you want new colours besides the replacement they will have to have a new guid for the file, possibly that can be done at a later time.

Additional Credits:
maxis for the ugly ruby red jello :P
my sims for making it over and over.

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