8 Elaborate, Decorative Eyeshadows.

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Uploaded 23rd Jul 2007 at 4:30 PM

There are 8 colors to this eyeshadow. Blue, Orange/Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Silver, Black, and Red. I decided to make this as an eyeshadow instead of full makeup so you can put your own lashes and lipstick with it. It looks good on all skin colors. Also matches well with Bruno's lip colors that are in the pics. I haven't made anything like this in a long time. I hope you all like it. Thanx. -SJ

Also, if you don't mind, let me know how you like the style of the main pic. I made that template and if you like it I'll continue doing my pics that way. I'm talking about the logo/border by the way. Thanx.

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