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Ecko Unltd. "Laurel" baggy pants for guys

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Uploaded: 21st Apr 2010 at 8:59 PM

After developing some new techniques to create better clothing for Sim guys with my last creation I've developed some more new ways to improve the quality of my clothings, reducing the blurriness of the seams and making the way of creating shorter. Here's the result: A pair of Ecko Unltd. baggy pants - Model: Laurel - in the colour Indigo/Khaki Rinse with a pair of white Fila sport shoes.

A very classic pair of pants with a flashy embroidery on both back pockets. The initials of the brand (EU) above of a crown framed with victor's laurels - the name giver of this pants. There's a Ecko Unltd. embroidery along the zipper coverage.
Wearable by male teens, young adults and adults too.

If you need more creations like this check out my profile.

They are pants only. You can add any top you want in the game.
It uses a Maxis mesh from the base game so you won't need anything else except of this creation to make it work properly.

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Additional Credits:
Skin default replacement by teru_k
Eye colour default replacement by Navetsea
Custom model poses by decorgal21572
Background image by Randir