Mediterranean Shopping Village

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Uploaded 9th Sep 2010 at 2:19 AM

Important! It's against MTS2 policy to upload houses on uneven terrain for reasons that will be explained further on.
Since my 'Mediterranean Cliff House' was accepted I'd realy like to share this one as well. To build against hills is such fun and gives so much more diversity in landscaping!
I've made this Community Lot with this 'hack' in place: boatnana's change max slope value.
During testing I found out that it's absolutely not necessary to have this script adjustment in your game. Even without it the lot can be be placed almost anywhere. Where there's no hill, the lot will create it's own.
But be warned!!! Placing a lot against a hillside will cut deep into that hill and might leave a nasty crater in your neighborhood view, once removed (but then again, why should you?).
My suggestion: Create a temp dummy neighborhood, look for a nice spot with a roughly 45 degree angle slope and place the lot in order to test the looks.

Additional information:

Sims have no problems with heights and will properly follow the paths that are laid out for them. Occasionally a Sims might stray a little or mutter a bit about the narrow path at the top but no stoppages have occurred during play-testing.
In my game I've used Patul's Cape of Good Hope He, and others made some excellent mountainous terrains to choose from.
Custom Content, included in the download is decorative and therefore optional.
For a proper look however you'll absolutely need the complete beautiful 'Torrox Spanish / Southwestern Buid Set' by Moune999 which is not included in the download!

This village is complete product of my imagination, but inspired by building styles that can be found along the Mediterranean region such as Spain, Greece and Italy.


This cute little Mediterranean hamlet brightens up that bare wasteland in your neighborhood were Sims were thus far not allowed to live... Situated along a hillside you'll find this community lot. On your way to the local bar at the top you'll come across various shops. Below is the grocery. Then follows a small game hall with a village disco in the basement. At the tiny village square you'll find the restaurant and the boutique, both with toilets in the basement. By now, – for that much needed drink - follow the road as it twist towards the café . Here you'll find a dartboard and cart table.

Have fun!

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 0

Custom Content Included:
- recolor for clothing booth by 01----Anne
- Planter no 2 large by buggybooz
- Planter no2 small by buggybooz
- Planter no 3 large by buggybooz
- Planter no 3 small by buggybooz
- Planter no 4 large by buggybooz
- Bigger Bougainvillea by corvidophile2 by corvidophile2
- recolor for Bigger Bougainvillea by corvidophile2
- recolor for Bigger Bougainvillea by corvidophile2
- Wooden Stairs Open Underneath by crocobaura
- Cupressus Mini by xrax
- Cupresssus Sempevirens by xrax
- Nasturtium by macarossi
- Birch Tree Shrubby Larger by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby by khakidoo
- recolor for Birch Shrubby by khakidoo
- recolor for Birch Shrubby by khakidoo
- recolor for Birch Shrubby by khakidoo
- recolor for Birch Shrubby by khakidoo
- recolor for Birch Shrubby Smaller by khakidoo
- Cypress Based Shrub by khakidoo
- Narrow Cypress Base by khakidoo
- N65_Flowering vine 1 by nengi65
- N65_Flowering vine 2 by nengi65
- Flat Rock - small by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- Pebbles by
- Scatterd Rocks by
- Scattered rocks - small by
- Modular Stairs by Numenor
- Open Wooden Stairs (by Reyn) by Reyn
- recolor for deckstairs by Reyn

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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