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Steampunk Robot Upgrades

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2011 at 12:53 AM
hello everyone

i have a rather large set of clothing, eyes, makeup, eyebrows, and face masks to customize the appearance of your steampunk robots that use my steampunk robot skin .

Requirement, my Steampunk robot skin
while not required for this content to show up in your game, my skintone is required if you want your sims to look like robots and not just silly people with stuff slapped on them

Included in this set are....
7 female, and 7 male robot clothes that are available in all categories
the 4 fembot, and manbot finery outfits are richly detailed with filigree, etchings, and rivets, they all look the same with the exception of the belly window which has 4 different looks. the fembot and manbot gizmos outfits look the same as my original skintone, but with some added gadgets on them. the riveting fembot and manbot outfits have some subtle shading differences, and extra rivets. the damaged fembot and manbot outfits look like my original skintone, but beat and dented up.

30 steampunk robot eyes.

2 different style eyebrows, with both a brass, and a steel recolor for each, so 4 total.

2 different style eyelashes, with both a brass, and a steel recolor for each, so 4 total of those as well.

6 blushes, 4 of which are decorative etchings, and 2 that are dented and battered looking.

7 face masks, 3 of them are forehead windows with gears, one matches the manbot finery filigree, one maches the fembot finery filigree, and one has no filigree. one is a forehead gauge. one is a riveted on metal patch. one adds a little more detail to the ears. one adds rivets to the neck.

(*) the patchy, steambot ear, and riveting neck face masks, are layer-able both with each other, and with the other face masks.

a small note
the face masks (as with all face masks) will warp with the wrong face shapes, but since these are meant to look like symmetrical parts they are more sensitive, and look more odd, if they are too warped. just so you know, they are a little touchy, that being said they look very nice on the right faces

i hope you all enjoy