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My very first spacious starter house

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2005 at 10:53 AM
Updated: 4th Apr 2005 at 6:54 AM - Original Sims compatible
This is my very first upload and very first post.

I planned to make a spacious starter house c/w great home design.
Suitable for a starter single or a couple sims.
Tell me if you like it, I like to see the responses and maybe I will create more with better designs.

Value: $15429
Floor/Level: 2
Bedroom: 1xUnpartition Bedroom (Upper Level)
Bathroom: 1xbathroom (lower Level)
Kitchen: 1xUnpartition Kitchen (Lower Level)
Furnishing: Basic Furnished
Extra: Come with exnem (www.3dconsortium.com) countercabinet and opencounter, todd Xbox console, paradise sims private mirror & ArabianMosaic Floor.

Feel free to use and distribute this creation.
And please don't upload this to The Sims Exchange website to remain it FREE.

Updated 4/4/05
I found a problem while trying to use within Sims 2 original. The value little bit higher. I reconstructed with cheaper base, replaced Sims 2 original colums, replaced the fridge with the cheaper and I reupload with Original compatible.

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