First part of the Edeka Set from Bienchen83 Repositoired to one Master.

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Uploaded: 25th Jun 2016 at 10:23 AM
Updated: 26th Jun 2016 at 10:54 AM
Hi Simmers!

Long time without uploading anything, I'm sorry, life is life and all of us have a bussy life. But I was working (and still I am) on a project that I have spent much time and effort, because I'm still learning a lot of things about meshing, modding, etc. So, for the moment, I bring you the first part of my project, there are more to come, I hope you like it.

With the permission of Sabine (Bienchen83 here at MTS), I remeshed her Edeka Set ( ), retextured, recoloured and repositoired. Thank you Sabine!!!. This first part contains her vending stands, 1 Master and 6 slaves. It's been very difficult to me making this because I had to remesh the full set. The vending stands had to subsets, the wood and the produce, but the wood subset had packed the wood and the produce together and the second subset (produce) had the "glass" package and not the produce one. I hope you understand this, sorry for my bad english; anyway, I had to remesh the packages and separate the stands in three subsets: WOOD, PRODUCE and GLASS, but only can be recoloured the wood and the produce (because we can only have two recolourable subsets), and the glass remains not recolourable normally, but can be altered changing the colour in the TXMT. So now, the vending stands are packed into two different recolourable subsets, the wood of the display and the produce. I also retextured the wood subset enlarging the texture to have a better result (the produce texture is the same of the original set), and I changed the blue glass for a transparent glass cause I liked more.

[IMG]Sims2ep9 2016-06-24 21-38-54-81[/IMG]
[IMG]Sims2ep9 2016-06-24 21-38-41-93[/IMG]
[IMG]Sims2ep9 2016-06-24 21-22-57-87[/IMG]
[IMG]Sims2ep9 2016-06-24 21-24-33-66[/IMG]

There are one Master Object: The bienchen83_edekabrotstand_MESH (It's is renamed to bienchen83_edekabrotstand_MESH_Master), and six slaves objects (edekafischstand2_Slaved, edekakaesestand_Slaved, bienchen83_edekasalamistand_Slaved, bienchen83_edekawurststand_Slaved, bienchen83_edekfischstand_Slaved and bienchen83_edekfleischstand_Slaved). All of them have different guides from the original set (so you can have both if you want), are remeshed, retextured, availables in community and residential lots, and slaved to the Master one. You only have to recolour the master wood. The produce textures can be recoloured a part, and the glass colour can be changed too.

I made recolours in Apartment Life wood textures: white, light wood, medium wood, dark wood, red wood and black wood. If you want more colours let me Know, or you are free to make by yourself. I have a second version of the Master without the glass if you need the vending stands for a Medieval/Victorian hood. Let me Know too and I will upload it. I did not make the corner stands because are meshed in a way that do not take the textures correctly (But I am still learning, maybe I will be able to fix it soon).

I will upload the rest of the set in two parts soon.

All the credits goes to Sabine (Bienchen83) for her great and amazing work and for giving me permission to remake her items and upload to share with you, so go to her profile and give thanks to Sabine.

So that's all, I hope you like this first part and happy simming!!!

Catalog Location, Name and Price:

All the Vending Stands can be found under: Buy Mode, Apliances, Large Apliances (In Residential and also Community Lots) at the price of 500$.

Brottheke, Master MESH of the set (Bread Stand).
Fischtheke, Slave mesh (Fish Stand).
Fischtheke 2, Slave mesh (Fish Stand 2).
Käsetheke, Slave mesh (Cheese Stand).
Pizzentheke, Slave mesh (Bakery Stand).
Wursttheke, Slave mesh (Sausage Stand).
Fleischtheke, Slave mesh (Meat Stand).

Polygon Counts:

bread stand - 435/628 (Master)
fish stand - 1579/1198 (Slave)
fish stand2 - 621/734 (Slave)
cheese stand - 332/265 (Slave)
bakery stand - 1350/2155 (Slave)
sausage stand - 709/866 (Slave)
meat stand - 2097/2921 (Slave)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to amythestfenix for the AL wood palette that she shared at, Thank you Kate!
Thanks to Michelle too for make a lot of recolours in Apartment Life wood textures, this was my inspiration, thank you Michelle!
Also credits to the creators of Simpe, Wings3D, Gimp 2, and all the tutorials here at MTS.