Four Shields Tavern

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Uploaded: 12th Mar 2017 at 2:55 AM
Updated: 11th Mar 2017 at 10:38 AM
This lot was built with Four shields tavern in the game Skyrim as an inspiration. Your sims can go here to meet new friends, enjoy a conversation at the bar or have a meal from the food replicator. If you have the Sleep on Community lot hack by Numenor your sims can get a rest in one of the two bedrooms. Indoors they can enjoy music or play dart and outdoors they can throw axes.

The lot was built in a newly generated game that has never been in play mode and a clone was play tested in another game.

Interior pictures were taken with PacMani’s camera mod and outdoor pictures were taken with Sligs sky object on the lot (not included in the download files).

Important notes about the CC required for this lot
I used Kalimero’s recolor of Jeka’s log modular stairs. The stairs should be installed with Numeror’s scriptorium. Please check the link to the stairs for more information about correct installation.

Master files
Some CC are slaved to master meshes (included in the lot). You need to keep the master files in your download folder for the slaved CC to show up. These are;
Huge Lunatic’s master column required for the other columns and beams to show.
Marvine’s master rock file from the waterfall shower set (or the other rocks will flash blue)
Raynuss’ master sofa from the medieval wood set, or the other items in the medieval wood set will flash blue.

Recolor’s of Maxis objects don’t pack with lots and are included in a separate file that is necessary to put in your download’s folder if you want to include these recolors. They are;
Four shields tavern sign by me, texture from Skyrim
Medieval dartboard recolor by Lady Lama
Medieval bedding by Raynuss

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 25451

Custom Content Included:
- Rounded Castle Door by Lethe_s
- JustaMedievalDoor by Sunni 2 PBK
- Pirate bay column by K8 at Parsimonious
- Pirate bay window mesh by K8 at Parsimonious
- "Pirate Bay" Grey recolors by Michelle
- "Imperial" Fence Post Candle Lamp by K8 at Parsimonious
- Decorative Community Pay Phone Cover by Kate at Parsimonious
- Half round column and column master mesh by HugeLunatic
- Columns by Mustluvcatz
- Jeka_LogModularStairs_1_WornRecolour by Kalimero by Kalimero @ MTS
- Shack wall by Sunni @ PBK
- Trash barrel recolour by Michelle @ MTS
- Trash barrel by Sophie-David @ MTS
- "Eponymous Garden" Fennel and Lavender by K8 at Parsimonious
- Waterfall Rocks by Marvine
- Innsmouth Quay Rope & Post Fence by BeOSBoxBoy
- Flickering Mercenary Candle Cup by Huge Lunatic
- Medieval mandolin by The Ninth Wave
- Shrub by Kativip
- Grass by Kativip
- Food replicator by Sunni at PBK
- Meadhall Barstool by Lady Lama at Medieval Smithy Sims
- Meadhall Chair by Lady Lama at Medieval Smithy Sims
- Meadhall Barrel Stand by Lady Lama at Medieval Smithy Sims
- "Garden Fresh" Pedestal Sink, Barrels, Antebellum Wall Lamp by Taroo, site no longer available
- Outhouse by Nixnivis
- Meadhall Bar Counter by Lady Lama at Medieval Smithy Sims
- Period Bath Tub for Pets EP by Lady Lama at Medieval Smithy Sims
- RDN Medieval Wood Dining Table by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Clothing Chest by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Double Bed by Raynuss at Imaging that
- UK1967_Medieval_Pottery_1 by UK1967
- RDN Medieval Wood tall shelf by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood sofa by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood sofa recolor by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Night Stand by Raynuss at Imaging that
- Bedding Peasant zinc by Raynuss at Imaging that
- 3x4 Floor Rug by Echo and Windkeeper
- Rug recolor Pelt 4 by The Guild Masters
- Wiccan_Yurtfire by Wiccandove at PBK
-- RockFense33 by AdeLanaSP