Always FreeBuild (Updated 6/26)

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Uploaded 26th Apr 2017 at 11:29 PM · Updated 26th Jun 2018 at 5:01 PM by TwistedMexi : Break Fix

Updated for Seasons patch.

This is a fairly straight-forward mod, similar to my Always Testing and Always MOO mods. At the request of an MTS user, this joins the list.

The mod may be rather niche, but will likely be helpful if you're primarily a builder.
It enables building on special lots like the Police Station, Hospital, and Police Station. It also unlocks all career-locked objects by default and allows you to do all this building at no cost to you.

When editing the career lots, do take extra precautions as deleting or modifying the wrong items can hinder career progression. Players assume all responsibility when editing these lots.

This is a script mod so make sure script mods are enabled in your gameplay options -> Other settings and make sure the .ts4script is directly in your mods folder.


If you'd like to support me and my future mod development, please refer to my signature or profile.

(There are no tuning conflicts in this mod)

Type: Unlocked Maxis Content Other

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