Seasons Build-A-Rink Set (Updated 5/5/2020)

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2018 at 4:25 PM
Updated: 6th May 2020 at 12:39 AM - Required Update
Update - 5/5/2020 - I've finally figured out the show issue with the meshes on the roller rinks so thet are back in the zip file. Sorry it took so long, been sick for weeks and no, I have no idea if it was Covid or the flu, CO lacks tests, so they just told me to stay home and self quarantine. Be safe out there people.

Update - 2/6/2020 - I don't know what happened I tested the rinks in January and they looked and worked fine, but decided to play today and poof the roller rinks were not showing up. I decided to remake them but there's a shadow issue on one and warping on the other and I cannot figure out what the issue is. I removed the roller rinks for now. When I figure out what's wrong I will re-upload them as a separate file. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Update - 2/2/2020 - I finally got around to updating the rinks. I have tested with community lots and with groups/clubs now NPC will skate on the rink with your sim. I also took out a set of lights that were suppose to be peace signs and I ended making them look like a car emblem instead. Maybe later I'll throw in Peace sign lights in a different download. If anyone finds an problem please contact me at I check on that far more often then I come here. Work keeps me busy and I don't have much time for modding and playing these days.

Today I bring you the Build-A-Rink Set. It was labor of love and I thought the ones that came with the Seasons pack was limited. I love to make the lots my own and for each rink and season to be original.

There's a total of four rinks, Ice and Roller, small and large. I gave them a personal touch by adding designs for season and holiday fun. The themes are Spring Flowers, Heart, Peace Sign, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Snow Flakes, Fall leaves, and blank rinks. The roller rink has two blank rinks black and brown. The roller Rink has ten designs, while the Ice Rink has nine. They have all the same features as the originals. You can use alone and decorate as you like. All the Rinks are found in Buy-Entertainment-Active/Outdoors/Misc. SEASONS PACK REQUIRED
Large Ice/Roller Rinks - $5000
Small Ice/Roller Rinks - $2000

The columns are a conversion from Sims 3 and recolored to match the themes. It only comes in one size, Short. Comes in fifteen colors. The Seasons Columns are found in Buy-Deco-Sculpture and are $50 BASE GAME COMPATIBLE

I made deco panels and a deco panel ends for a fence effect, the themes are blank white and black, Halloween, Valentines Day, Sun, Peace Sign, Spring Grass and Daisies, Fall Leaves, Snow Man, Christmas Banner, Butterfly, and Easter Grass and Eggs. The Seasons Panel and The Seasons Panel Ends are found in Buy-Deco-Sculpture and are $50 each. BASE GAME COMPATIBLE

Lastly I made lights to decorate your gazebos and ceilings. They all come in Short, Med, and Long Sizes, and the themes are Hearts, Peace Signs, Flowers, Snow Flakes, Stars, Ornaments, Colored Eggs, and Spiders. I made most from Tinker cad except the Spiders. I extracted the .obj file from the Spooky pack and made it with a base game light. The Snow Flake, Peace Sign, and Spiders are a bit on the high poly count. I did what I could without making them look collapsed. All the ceiling lights are found in Buy-Lights-Ceiling Lights and are all $50 each BASE GAME COMPATIBLE

So here's the Build-A-Rink Set. It was a pain to get the rinks, graphics, and colors just right but I love the result and I hope you do too. Feel free to recolor and let me know of any issues or theme ideas you might like in the future.


Ice Rink Background by bradcalkins -

Wooden Background Seamless Wood Floor by MyFreeTextures -

The rest of the textures were taken from Sims games and altered in


All the graphic PNG files used are by the free site KISSPNG.COM, there was no mention of the original creaters on the site

Butterfly Clip art - Large Transparent Multi Color Butterfly PNG Clipart -

Cartoon Art Museum Cartoon Network Drawing Humour - Transparent Sun PNG Clipart -

Clip art - Daisies with Grass PNG Clipart Picture -

Christmas Clip art - Transparent Christmas Bells with Red Bow Clipart -

Snowman Clip art - Large Transparent Snowman PNG Clipart -

Branch Autumn Tree Clip art - Branch with Autumn Leaves PNG Clipart -

Easter Bunny Easter egg Clip art - Easter Eggs and Grass PNG Clipart Picture -

Peace symbols Sign Clip art - Hippie Art Cliparts -

Halloween costume Banner Clip art - Happy Halloween Text PNG Image -

Halloween Clip art - Large Haunted House and Moon PNG Clipart -

Snowflake Map Clip art - Snowflakes Decoration Transparent Clip Art Image -

Valentine's Day February 14 Vimeo, LLC Love White Rabbit - Large Red Heart Clipart -

Royal Christmas Message Santa Claus Child - Merry Christmas Text PNG Clip Art Image -

Autumn leaf color Clip art - Fall Leaves Transparent Picture -

Peace symbols Sign Rainbow Clip art — symbol -

Wedding invitation Flower Rose Clip art - Pink watercolor hand painted floral ring flower rattan border -

Heart Valentines Day Clip art - Valentine's Day love creative -

Easter egg Clip art - Green Happy Easter Transparent PNG Clip Art Image-

Black cat Halloween Kitten Clip art - Large Transparent Halloween Pumpkin with Black Cat Clipart -


The .obj files are either from the Sims 4 or Sims 3 games and edited in Blender or made in the TinkerCAD program at


Minimalist Roller Rink - Large - 436/234
Minimalist Roller Rink - Small - 282/207
Minimalist Ice Rink - Large - 432/205
Minimalist Ice Rink - Small - 282/232

Seasons Column - 176/160/144
Seasons Panel - 152/144/137
Seasons Panel End - 62/56

Seasons Easter Egg Ceiling Light - Long - 208/166
Seasons Easter Egg Ceiling Light - Med - 208/166
Seasons Easter Egg Ceiling Light - Short - 208/166

Seasons Flower Ceiling Light - Long - 400/350
Seasons Flower Ceiling Light - Med - 400/320
Seasons Flower Ceiling Light - Short - 400/350

Seasons Halloween Spider Ceiling Light - Long - 664/531
Seasons Halloween Spider Ceiling Light - Med - 664/531
Seasons Halloween Spider Ceiling Light - Short - 664/531

Seasons Heart Ceiling Light - Long - 332/294
Seasons Heart Ceiling Light - Med - 332/294
Seasons Heart Ceiling Light - Short - 332/294

Seasons Peace Ceiling Light - Long - 552/524
Seasons Peace Ceiling Light - Med - 552/524
Seasons Peace Ceiling Light - Short - 552/524

Seasons Snow Flake Ceiling Light - Long - 654/588
Seasons Snow Flake Ceiling Light - Med - 654/588
Seasons Snow Flake Ceiling Light - Short - 588/558

Seasons Star Ceiling Light - Long - 120/103
Seasons Star Ceiling Light - Med - 120/103
Seasons Star Ceiling Light - Short - 120/103

Seasons Christmas Ornament Ceiling Light - Long -356/296
Seasons Christmas Ornament Ceiling Light - Med - 356/296
Seasons Christmas Ornament Ceiling Light - Short - 356/284


TinkerCAD,, TSR Workshop, Blender, and Sims4Studios