Hogwarts Museum (by JH)

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Hogwarts Museum is large castle , designed like a museum.
If you are fan of Harry Potter, then this is perfect place for your world. In this museum your sim(s) can explore some of movie based sets in castle, scenes from the movie , there is also retail shop where you can buy some souvenirs.
This is large museum , not fully opened and decorated only where sims can walk and enter. I added few photos of my sim's visit in museum, you can see ,he's having fun!

Needed CC for Museum! (all listed CC items are needed if you want full expirience of this museum)

Needed CC for Museum!

(CC is required for fully expirience but not included with lot)

* John Lennon eyeglasses - by Jinhee_a
* Hogwarts Male Uniform - by TheSimsBennet
* Harry Potter robes - by Lana CC Finds
* Juliette Dress Conversion - by Kiara24
* Hogwarts Cardigans - by Emelie
* Mud Room Ladder - by Annett Herrler
* Bird Cage - by cool-panther
* Leaning Broom - by BISMTH
* Witch Reagents Eye of Newt, Dragon Scales - by veranka-s4cc
* Castle Arch - by Hotchocoliel
* Medieval male portraits, Medieval female portraits, Silverware - by Mara45123
* Skeleton Parrots & Cages - by SrslySims
* Scholar Statue - by cinderellimouse
* Telescope, Book clutter 1, Gate, Scroll, - by historicalsimslife
* Mediocre Medieval Loveseat, Modest Miedieval End Table, Merry Making Dining Table, Long Merry Making Dining Table - by TheJim07
* Tapestry, Round table - by Kresten 22
* Supernatural Wands - by SrslySims
* Center, Wood floor - by Helen Sims
* Captain Chaz MacFreeling’s Galleon - by g1g2
* Plain Chair - by Rebecca
* October Ceiling Lamp - by Kiolometro
* Medieval Bowl - by Kresten 22
* Torch Wall Light - by XCC2
* October Apples - by Kiolometro
* Medieval Lyra - by Around the Sims 4
* Outdoor Ceiling Lamp - by ShinoKCR
* Sculpture Wizard Lab, Wall Chart Anatomy, Wall Chart Herbal - by zx-ta
* Gargoyle - by JenniSims
* Medieval Tapestry - by SimDoughnut
* Toilet Stall Door - by axscefet
* Paul Delaroche Paintings - by ironleo78
* Arched doors - by Severinka
* Haunted manor Wood pannel - by Eleanor
* Gothique Candle Stool - by g1g2
* Bedroom Capri Trunk - by Kardofe
* Caravaggio Paintings - by IronLeo78
* Walls of the monastery - by Mara45123
* Dining table - by mathcope
* Skulls - by loveratsims4
* Hogwarts Portraits Set 1 - by Potterhead Sims
* Hogwarts Portraits Set 2 - by Potterhead Sims
* Hogwarts Founding Members Paintings - by Potterhead Sims
* Parchment Posters - by Wiccandove
* Medieval Chair - by historicalsimslife
* Great Scientists Portraits - by IronLeo78
* Low open stove with stones - by Severinka
* Wizard chess pieces - by Simblreen
* Functional Sorting Hat - by brittpinkiesims
* Gothique Armor - by TheJim07
* Pot Belly Stove - by Mick Smith
* Ghost Filled Jar, Punch - by soloriya
* Jacoban Arch - by historicalsimslife
* Baroque Style Paintings - by Blackbeauty583
* Table Opened Book - by Zx-Ta
* Medieval Bookcase - by Blackgryffin
* Pavement Floors - by Blackgryffin
* Green Wallpaper - by Veranka
* Stone Walls Murals - by historicalsimslife
* Wood Paneling Walls - by TheJim07
* Artwork: HP World serie volume 1 - by Blackgryffin
* Artwork: HP World serie volume 2 - by Blackgryffin
* Artwork: HP World serie volume 3 - by Blackgryffin
* Hogwarts Paintings set 1 - by Blackgryffin
* Hogwarts Armor statue, Pile of Books - by Blackgryffin
* Dementor, Fluffy, Decorative pets (all), Quidditch equipment (all), floating candles, Lecturn, Chalkboards, Hanging Flags, House Banners, Hogwarts Coat of Arms, Paintings all, Firecrab, Salamander, Sbundimun, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beens, Chess Set, Chocolate Frog, Death Eater Mask, Dumbledore’s Hat, Gryffindor Sword, Witch/Wizard hats, Lockhart Statue, Maurauder’s Map- both versions, Monster Book, Sorting Hat, all deco wands, fat lady portrait, topiary set, dresser chests, harry glasses, hogwarts chest, tapestry - by brittpinkiesims
* Wizard's Bookcase - by historicalsimslife
* Duelling Rugs, HeadMasters Chair, Triwizard Cup, Great Hall Table, Bogart Wardrobe, Disused Bathroom Sink, Chamber Of Secrets Sink, Old Fashioned High Tank Toilet Recolor, Great Hall Brazier set, Goblet of Fire, Witch statue, Hogwarts Brazier, Hogwarts Sheild, House Points, Chamber of Secret Graffiti, Secret Entrance Paintings, Architecture Detail Stickers, Dumbledore Griffen, Salazar Slytherin, Roofs, Hogwarts Windows set, Great Hall FirePlace, Wall Sconce, Double Windows WithOut Glass Get Ruins Match, Double Arches GetRuins Match - by jpcopesims

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 990,847
Lot Price (unfurnished): 124,040