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Vampires Gated Community

4,925 Downloads 139 Thanks  Thanks 55 Favourited 17,645 Views
Uploaded: 7th Aug 2019 at 12:53 PM
Updated: 1st Oct 2019 at 4:45 AM - Updated to remove NPCs in Fall
The original of this Mod is by TwistedMexi and can be found HERE:

If you were still getting humans around, please redownload... there is YET another tuning for when there is snow or leaves on ground.

I updated this Mod in the comment section of the original mod, but since it seems to break almost every patch, I'm posting it as a separate mod to better maintain it.

This will simply prevent non vampires from walking around in Forgotten Hollow.

The modified XMLs are:


It will conflict with every mod that alters the same resources

If you have the two packages I have updated before in the comment section of the original mod, remove them from your mod folder. I merged them into one.

Additional Credits: