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315 Bella Park Dr - Starter Home ~ Maxis Make-Over Quick Edit

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2019 at 7:30 PM
Updated: 4th Jan 2020 at 7:45 PM

This is what I'm calling a "Quick Edit" Maxis Make-Over. They originally gave us a very small 1 bed/1 bath house with some very basic furniture pieces. The lot is easily large enough to add a garage (but, I ran out of money after fixing up the loft area. So, you'll have to add the garage yourself.) They wasted a lot of money (IMHO) on expensive wall/floor coverings, these expensive trimmings got sold to be able to afford the completed loft and rearrange the walls for two bedrooms.

So, now you have:

And, upstairs:

This house can be found in Belladonna Cove, here:

This lot has been play-tested; everything is accessible and in good working order. A smoke alarm is in the kitchen. The phone is on the wall in the kitchen. There is no burglar alarm. Furniture is sparse, as EAxis originally designed.

There is NO CC.

This is a clean copy if the lot - no Sim has set foot in it. The package has been cleaned with Mootilda's Clean Installer.

Standard mods I use that are not necessary nor included - but were probably used whilst building/photo-ing/prepping this house for upload...
I use Moi's Roof Shader for brighter roofs
Maranatah's White Wall Top texture replacement
Moo's Turn On/Off Lights
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix
BeosBoxBoy's no-red-pause-mod
Nopke's Go Under Spiral Stairs mod for proper spiral stair usage
And, of course, everyone needs Numenor's CEP and SEP!
I also use FRAPs to take in-game pictures, and PhotoShop to clean/collage said pictures.
And, I highly recommend using gummilutt's Invisible Medicine Cabinet to add features to any mirror - as per her policy, it's not used or included in this lot.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): $19,930

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
And, MTS2 for this terrific website!