22 Hidden Maxis Accessories (Objects) as Kitchen Clutter

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2020 at 2:28 PM
Updated: 20th Nov 2021 at 2:30 PM by BartekStu
26/08/20 Update:
•There are now two versions to download: A version with the items in the catalogue under Decorative/Miscellaneous, and a version with the items showing up in a collection only. Download one or the other, not both.
•Made the fallback GUIDs invalid so items disappear when removed instead of being potentially replaced on removal

I'll cut to the chase. I've always thought the details put into the accessories and hidden items of the game were really neat - and admittedly, I am rather fond of the wonky "Maxis-match"ness of it - which made me want to use them as clutter items. The closest thing I could find were collection files which included these hidden items - unfortunately, these were either patched for Bon Voyage, or they didn't have everything I was quite looking for. So I decided to make my own:

From top left: A baking pan, a baking tray, large pot, frying pan, measuring cup, sugar dispenser, water glass, mixing bowl, coffee mug, plate, flute, cooking knife, spoon, butterknife, fork, a large spatula, a wooden spoon, and a small spatula.

From top left: milk carton, a bag of coffee, a cutting board with ingredients, a blender

Note that these are in fact independent clones with unique IDs, not the items themselves from the objects.package.

This does have some drawbacks and benefits:
The benefits:
  • Since these are clones, you ought to be able to delete them without borking your game. Woo!
  • This also frees me up to perhaps add some functionality to these, which is something I would be interested in doing.
The downside:
  • These being clones, they take up space despite being content that you essentially have in your game already (boo). I did however do my best to strip them of anything unnecessary and ran the Compressorizer - I think these ended up being relatively smaller.

All of these can be found in Decorations -> Miscellaneous. Each item has been priced and given a "Maxis-match" description, because I like it that way.

Things to keep an eye out for:
These shouldn't pick up any defaults you're using, but if they do let me know as that's not supposed to happen. They shouldn't affect Sims' motives either: They are meant to be purely for the player's benefit.

I made these primarily based on how I like to decorate, and as such highly recommend that you pick up these OMSPs : especially for ones such as the kitchen knife which has a quite awkward default angle.

And that would be it! Below are some cool screenshots for how these can be used, in-game descriptions and prices, as well as polygon counts.

In-Game Descriptions:

Also as a disclaimer, I can't really claim any sort of copyright over these (apart from maybe the descriptions) though I don't really want to, anyway. If you want to do anything with these, go ahead.

Polygon Counts:
All of these meshes are identical to Maxis'.
Wooden Spoon: 176 Polygons
Water Glass: 352 Polygons
Juice Flute: 360 Pol...
Small Spatula: 248
Sugar Dispenser: 138
Tablespoon: 305
Mixing Bowl: 576
Plate: 248
Large Pot: 698
Ingredients w/ cutting board: 1708
Cooking Knife: 328
Measuring Cup: 384
Milk Carton: 54
Fork: 509
Frying Pan: 986
Coffee Bag: 68
Coffee Mug: 164
Blender: 324
Butterknife: 158
Baking Pan: 604
Baking Tray: 316
Large Spatula: 222

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