Kewpie Doll Sculpture

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2020 at 11:05 AM
1920's to 1940's era Kewpie Doll Sculpture, based on dolls and figurines by Rose O'Neill's baby cupid characters.

My Kewpie figurine wears an original outfit designed by me but typical of toddler play outfits of the period in blue gingham with bright yellow trim and an applique sunflower motif. She wears little white baby shoes over bright yellow lace-trimmed socks, and has short blond kewpie hair.

My Kewpie's heart "Kewpie" decal has been placed on her back, below her tiny blue wings.

The figurine is small enough to fit on stacked shelves and can be placed on any appropriate surface including tables and floor.

My original idea had been to create a playable doll, but in the end I was not happy with the ridiculously short "play with" animation, nor the way the jointed doll looked in the various sitting and animated positions, so figurine it is!

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