Brindleton Bay is Stardew Valley

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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2021 at 9:19 PM
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Brindleton Bay... Or was it Stardew Valley? This bright and colorful world is full of unique characters and a tight-knit community. Will the new farmer find a way to fit in, or will pulling at loose ends tear this town to shreds?

Hi there! My name is Snowie, and today I'm sharing with you my latest project; creating the world of Stardew Valley in the Sims 4! This is a save file where Brindleton Bay (and some of Oasis Springs) has been transformed into Stardew Valley. The file is complete with builds of all locations* and NPCs with fully fleshed-out skills, careers, and relationships. While you can play as any of these characters, I have also built Grandpa's Farmhouse, complete with his grave, where the generic starting character from Stardew Valley is currently living. You can simply edit this character however you like, then start playing!
*I made most of this before the 1.5 SDV update, and haven't played enough of the new content to add any of it to this project.

This save uses a little bit of every pack up through Snowy Escape, except for Journey to Batuu, so you'll need every DLC pack before Paranormal Stuff to be able to play it as intended. While no mods are required to play this, there are a couple suggested mods to make the experience a bit more realistic.

Suggested mods:

By default, the save will be set to have seasons last 14 days, with aging turned on and lifespans set to long. All of the Stardew households are marked as "Played Households" so that the game (hopefully) doesn't use them as vendors, etc, but you can change this through the household management screen. The game will start in Spring (a few hours into the day, due to setup time) and all of the Stardew Valley holidays are set up in the calendar! Keep in mind that changing the season length will change where the holidays are in the calendar, and that changing the lifespan will result in the elderly townspeople passing away not long after you start. If you want to upgrade the farmhouse or Pam and Penny's house like you can in the game, I have those lots uploaded to the gallery for you to use! You can search for them under the #SDV or #Stardew tags, or under my Origin name, SnowieSimmer. Just be sure to put Grandpa's grave into your household inventory before replacing the farmhouse lot, and turn on the Move Objects cheat! You can also find every build and household in this save file uploaded to the gallery, if you want to add them to a different save file.

Installation Instructions
This is NOT a mod, do not install it like one! This is a save file, so please follow the instructions below to install it correctly.
1. Navigate to your "Saves" folder.
-This will be wherever you installed your game to, or "Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4" by default.
2. Create a backup of your saves folder somewhere.
3. Copy and Paste the "SAVE" file found in this download into your "Saves" folder.
-Rename it, if necessary.
That's it! Now when you load the game you should have a save titled "Brindleton Bay is Stardew Valley." Just make sure to hit "Save As..." when you play, so that you can always start over without having to re-download the save!

Getting Started
Since I had to create Grandpa for his grave to be on the farm and his ghost to appear, I've already created a "starting character." This Sim, Brandon, is based off of the default male farmer that you see when making a new game in Stardew Valley. You are fully intended to change Brandon into your own starting Sim at the start, so if you need help getting started read the short guide below. The farmhouse you start with has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and a bedroom with a double bed. If you want to start with a bigger version of the farmhouse just download it from the gallery (search under #SDV #Stardew or my Origin name, SnowieSimmer). You'll have the option of a "Family-Friendly Farmhouse" that has an upstairs and second bedroom but the outside is still run-down, or a "Deluxe Farmhouse" that has the second bedroom and a greenhouse, and the landscaping doesn't use any of the dry/dead foliage.
Getting Started Guide:

Lastly, all the lots are residential by default (except for a few that didn't have to be). I've used the clubs system to simulate things like the Saloon frequenters, the ladies exercise group, etc. so that your Sim can start a club gathering if you want to have the Townspeople doing their normal activities at a lot that isn't their home. Just join the clubs you want to have control over when you first start--they should be pretty easily recognizable. Thank you so much for reading, make sure to check out the FAQ and Special Thanks below!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why doesn't "X" look like it does in Stardew Valley?
A: Sims 4 doesn't operate on the same Time Lord science that Stardew Valley does, unfortunately. Also Sims need bathrooms. But actually, I tried to keep a balance of making the builds/characters as familiar and recognizable as possible, but the limitations of TS4 and the interiors of SDV not really making logical sense with the exteriors led to lots of issues that required me to make compromises and creative solutions. My goal was to make it feel like Stardew Valley as much as possible, without it becoming too repetitive or sacrificing an interior/exterior aesthetic for the sake of matching Stardew to the pixel.
Q: Why can't I visit the Saloon or buy seeds at Pierre's? (And other similar questions)
A: Unfortunately, the Sims 4 doesn't really support live-in businesses. I set up some clubs so that you can simulate the townspeople going to the different businesses, but at the end of the day, giving the NPCs a place to live was more important to me than being able to have everyone go to the saloon every Friday. You can always move the townspeople out and change the lots to community lots if you want to.
Q: If we get a farm pack, will you update this save?
A: Maybe, it depends on how the farm pack works and how much I would have to change in order to incorporate it. We also have no idea right now if there ever will be a farm pack released for the game.
Q: Can I still use this even if I don't have all the required DLC packs?
A: You should be able to use it as long as you have Cats & Dogs for the world, and Seasons as the game doesn't always play nice when you take away Seasons from an existing save. You'll just be missing a LOT of things in basically every build and character.
Q: Why did you make this?
A: Because I like challenges, and I love both Stardew and the Sims. Also I just want my farm girl to marry Sebastian and watch their kids grow up past being toddlers wandering around in the house.

Special Thanks
- First and foremost, ConcernedApe (Eric Barone) for the creation of the beautiful game that is Stardew Valley.
- SDV modders FlashShifter and ParadigmNomad for inspiration on characters, outfits, and interiors/exteriors.
- Members of the Deaderpool discord for ideas on naming conventions and character traits.