Alien Enthusiast Trait

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Introducing the Alien Enthusiast trait! Alien Enthusiasts are crazy about little green Sims. They love talking about aliens and dreaming about space. Sims with this trait get 3 new Friendly socials and 2 new positive moodlets. They will also get whims related to interacting with the Rocket and the Telescope. It is highly recommended to put an Alien Enthusiast in the Science career!

This trait is located in the Hobby category in CAS.

The Moodlets

The Truth Is Out There: Confident +5, sim may always have it (If you get the reference in the description, YOU'RE AWESOME!)

Dreams Of The Extraterrestrial: Focused +5, appears when Sim is sleeping

The Socials

  • Talk About Aliens
  • Discuss UFO Sightings
  • Share Theories About Area 51

Your Sim can only share their Area 51 theories with someone they are close with. (Relationship must be at +50)

The Whims
  • Observe the Skies With the Telescope
  • Level Up in Rocket Science Skill
  • Go On a Rocketship Mission

I hope you enjoy my first upload!

Additional Credits:
Made with Zerbu's Mod Constructor

Special thanks to my sister for getting me into Sims back in 2009

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