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Court Marrakesh - Moroccan Styled Mansion

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Uploaded: 20th May 2021 at 3:15 AM
Updated: 20th May 2021 at 5:11 PM

Welcome to Flamingo Heights!  Featured here is lot number 9 - Court Marrakesh!  Recently gone up for sale in our neighborhood, is the oldest home is Flamingo Heights.  Court Marrakesh was originally built in the year 1880, well over a hundred years ago.  It was named after the city of Marrakesh, Morocco by the first owner of the neighborhood, who also founded the area.  Over the decades, the home has been updated little by little and now features modern appliances and electrical wiring.  The last remining family member of the owner's family line has passed away, and now the home has gone up on the market.  Here's your chance to own a true piece of architectural history here in Flamingo Heights!  Don't miss this rare opportunity!


Hello everyone!  I present to you my newest build, which I've named Court Marrakesh.  This was built entirely with the new Courtyard Oasis kit that recently was released for the game, along with items from previous packs.  I used NO custom content for this build!  I fell in love with the Moroccan themed architecture of the new kit, and I knew I had to build a home with it!  I will most certainly build more homes with these items in the future.

This mansion is a two bedroom, with one primary bathroom all located on the second floor.  The first floor of the home is connected by a tall Minaret tower done in traditional Moroccan styled archiecture.  The home is made entirely of stone and tile, just as all homes in Morocco often are because of the desert heat in the country.  The use of red, black, white and orange colors all go together beautifully and give the home a lot of charm and beauty among other neighborhing lots.  The main entry features a large living room with high ceilings among the tiled pillars and large windows.  I used minimal lighting with the lanterns from the pack, to allow natural light to come through windows during the daytime.  The kitchen is large, with an eat-in area in the center of the room with plenty of windows for lighting.  Both bedrooms have private balconies attached to them on the second floor for lovely views of the surrounding area.  The patio has a large pool area which is ideal for the desert heat.  Near the front of the home, is the alluring tiled fountain in the private walkway.  The tower also features two side entrances to the home, as well as a ladder to the top.

Overall, this home was very fun to build and I adore the look and beauty of it!  The Courtyard Oasis kit is most definitely my favorite of the kits so far, and I plan to build future homes in this style in the future.  I hope everyone will enjoy this one too!