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Starfleet Uniform 2409

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Uploaded: 28th Oct 2021 at 8:29 PM
Prepare to boldly go where no Sim has gone before!

This is a Starfleet uniform based on the Odyssey uniform in Star Trek Online. It is a recolored version of a Spa Day jacket, so you will likely need that pack to be able to use it.

This jacket comes in 24 swatches, with 4 styles and 6 colors for each: Captain, Division Full, Division Stripe, Division/White Stripe in colors Tactical Red, Science Teal, Ops Gold, Intel 2409 Black, Intel 2412 Purple, and Medical Teal-on-White.

The Captain and Division Stripe patterns were inspired by the official Star Trek Online Odyssey uniform designs, while the Division Full and Division/White Stripe patterns are alternate designs that I have used several times in the game that I think you'll love. Division Full is also partly inspired by the uniforms seen on Star Trek: Voyager.

The three division colors and medical color are also inspired by the official STO uniform guidelines, while the Intel 2409 and 2412 colors are based on various Starfleet Intelligence NPCs. Earlier in the game's storyline, they are seen wearing black uniforms, while more recent content depicts them in uniforms with a purple division stripe, so I have included both for you to enjoy as well.

Captain, Tactical Red

Division Stripe, Ops Gold

Division Full, Science Teal

I hope you and your Sims have as much fun with this uniform as I did making it! If you have any questions or requests, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Live long and prosper!

Antennae are by Cupidjuice, sadly it seems their CC is no longer available.

The swatches in CAS are supposed to match the colors of their respective uniform designs, but it seems they got reset to grey. I'll try to fix that for you in a day or two.