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Knifty Sweater - Nifty Knitting Recolor

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2021 at 1:29 PM
Updated: 31st Oct 2021 at 10:17 PM
I love me a nice sweater, and I think the Nifty Knitting men's sweater is the perfect look. But I don't care for the big decorative knits that make the sweater asymmetrical, and I wanted many more colors and patterns! Plus, a simple challenge like this was a perfect intro to improve my modding, so I could learn about normal maps and how to make and improve them! I cloned the original item, redid the normal map, recolored the diffuses, and removed the buffs/gameplay locks associated with the original.

These sweaters are all standalone EA recolors, using EA meshes, and will NOT override or change the original in-game sweater. The sweaters are available in CAS immediately. They can't be knit in-game, and do not get the buff associated with wearing knit goods, so they won't count for 'Showing Off' your knitted wear for the knitting aspiration. They are available for both feminine and masculine frames. They are not allowed for randoms.

Nifty Knitting Required!

In-Game Categories:
Ages Available: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder
Fashion Choice: Masculine
Occult: Human, Mermaid, and Vampire
Outfit Type: Everyday, Party, and Cold Weather
Allowed for Random Sims: No
Restrict Opposite Gender: No
Restrict Opposite Frame: No
Knittable? No
Fulfills Knitting Aspiration: No

.Packages Breakdown
I've broken up the sweaters each into their own, individual CAS items. You'll want the "AllinOne" file if you want all swatches in one sweater. Otherwise, you can use each .package as separate, standalone CAS sweaters.
  • "GenericFan.KniftySweaterAllinOne" - A single CAS sweater with every swatch I've made here compiled onto a single item. 120 Swatches
  • "GenericFan.KniftySweater" - A single CAS sweater with the basic swatches only, from solids to stripes. 72 Swatches.
  • "GenericFan.KniftySweaterPride" - A single CAS sweater with Pride flag colors & designs. 34 Swatches.
  • "GenericFan.KniftySweaterHalloween" - A single CAS sweater with halloween colors and designs. 8 Swatches
  • "GenericFan.KniftySweaterHoliday" - A single CAS sweater with holiday colors. 6 Swatches.

GIMP Image Editor
Mizoreyukii, for their tutorial on making CC Knittable, which I used to remove CAS buffs & gameplay lock
MisterS, for the tutorial on making normal maps
Jason Williford for the the Sims Sans Font Family I used in my pictures