Customisation Options for CAS (Updated 20/11/21)

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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2021 at 3:57 PM
Updated: 20th Nov 2021 at 2:29 PM by BartekStu
Update 20/11/21: Added new cameras meant for use in the jewellery tab and custom collection clothing icons.


Those who know of my Tumblr likely already know of my Skin 2 TXMT default which allows for the generation of mannequin thumbnails in CAS. This is a sort of expansion of that, or a continuation of my modding the appearance of CAS to my whim. I feel now that there is enough content to warrant uploading on MTS.

This post includes:

A.) A set of default replacement cameras for CAS thumbnails. Included are the cameras which control the thumbnails for:

1. Hair thumbnails for all ages
2. Clothing bottoms and top thumbnails for children and higher
3. Brow thumbnails (that is, both for eyebrows and the brow sliders tab)
4. Eye thumbnails (eye sliders tab)
5. Full Face Thumbnails (primarily meant for use in the jewellery misc. tab, but can be used anywhere in CAS)

For completion's sake, the original mannequin mod is included. More content may be added to this set in the future.

How Do I Use These?

These rely on the same principle described in the original post - CAS thumbnails can be manually regenerated by CTRL+Right Clicking, and do not refresh automatically. This allows for a nice degree of customisation. The plus side of these camera defaults is that unlike the TXMT default, you can just leave these in your Downloads folder without any fiddling!

In other words, to customise your CAS thumbnails:
1) Install the components of your choosing.
2) Refresh the thumbnails by deleting them individually using CTRL and Right Clicking or deleting CASThumbnails.package. Note that some thumbnails, like the slider part thumbnails are usually unaffected by the second method.

Note that users with frequent/consistent pink flashing are advised to use the CTRL+Right Click thumbnail method, as resetting thumbnails loads a lot of textures and deleting the whole thumbnail file may lead to pink thumbnails. Users who do not experience pink flashing should be unaffected - this mod cannot cause pink flashing, but might trigger it in games prone to it.

Onto the pictures!

Hair Thumbnails

You have four custom options to select from for the hair thumbnails, pictured above. You may only have one installed at a time, or rather, having more than one installed is pointless. If you really wanted to, you could also mix and match so that e.g. hat hairs are raised lower than non-hat hairs.

Top and Bottom Thumbnails

I like that TS3 and higher had these at a slight angle, so I replicated this effect. I didn't alter the fullbody camera, though, as the actual thumbnail is much narrower in TS2 and fitting a fullbody outfit in that narrow rectangle is kind of awkward. Also, toddler cameras went unaltered as I don't use many separates and toddlers have such a small skeleton anyway that it seems not worth my while. Elders use Adult cameras, this is Maxis behaviour.

Brow Thumbnails

I disliked how you couldn't actually infer much of the shape of the brows from the Maxis default. This hopefully mitigates this somewhat. I'm also a big fan of how the Eyebrow category in Step 4 looks like now. All ages modified.

Eye Thumbnails

Same as above - I feel as though there's a lot more clarity in this section now. It also feels more visually distinct. All ages modified.

Full Face Thumbnails

Primarily intended for the jewellery/misc. tab, these can be used anywhere in CAS that uses this camera. Pictured below: fullfaceCamera_nosepiercing, _lips, _browRight and _browLeft. As with the hair cameras it's pointless to have multiples simultaneously installed, but by swapping them in and out you can create an effect as seen below.

The idea is that you can mix, match, and swap in and out the components of this set to achieve a CAS look you desire.

B.) The TXMT defaults from the original post. Included is also a tiny package that gets rid of all of the EP/SP icons from CAS. Those can all be found in the 'TXMTreplacement' archive. Please ensure that the icon remover loads after any UI mods you use, as Clean UI inadvertedly restores them.

C.) Collection Clothing Icons, sourced from the CAS loading screen. Even as a kid I wanted these to be available in the UI so bad, and now they are! These go in your EA Games/Collections/Icons folder, after which you can create custom collections using them in CAS. Grayscale because they are intended to fit with Clean UI and my loading screens.


Should function even in Basegame if I'm not mistaken. Functionally this is a default replacement so it will conflict with any other default that edits these resources (though I'm not sure if any exist). The collection icons are only useful if you have an expansion that introduced collections.


This thread by MogHughson which I referenced heavily. You can also use it yourself if you wish to further customise these to your liking.
GeoGebra (livid at how I busted out my higher level geometry for a Sims 2 mod)