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Modulin Set - Part 3 - The Toy Store [updated]

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2021 at 5:37 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2022 at 11:30 AM
Update: the required CC is now less of a hassle to download! Most of what was non-included is now included (I initially misunderstood a thing and took a needlessly complicated approach, sorry about that). I took the opportunity to move the bear statue ever so slightly off the wall so it wouldn’t bleed through in neighborhood view and I fixed picture frame recolors (oops). Apart from that, the lot hasn’t changed.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Like the flower shop, this store is designed to be run as an active business, with plenty of room on the shelves to showcase your sims’ hand-made toys, as well as staff amenities.

The upload is divided into 3 packages (the lot alone + the required CC in two parts, it was just easier for me this way). You need all three (+ the non included CC listed below) for the lot to appear complete in your game.

Note on included CC: I modified the tuning of Shoukeir’s toy box, Heget’s rocking deer and Veranka’s hyper hippocamp so that they would be available on community lots and/or quarter tile enabled. So if you already have those meshes in your game, you might still want to download them again with the lot and let the retuned versions override the originals.

Here comes the full CC list, let me know if you have any issues.

Non-included CC

Downloads preceded by M are also required for the Minimart (part 1)
Downloads preceded by F are also required for the Flower Shop (part 2)
Downloads preceded by B are also required for the Bridal Shop (part 4)
Downloads preceded by H are also required for the Home (part 5)
Downloads preceded by P are also required for the Playground (part 6)
Downloads preceded by C are also required for the Corner Apartments (part 7)
Downloads preceded by I are also required for the Fishing Spot (part 8)
Downloads preceded by A are also required for the High-End Apartments (part 9)
Downloads preceded by ∞ are required for all lots from the Modulin set.
This means that if you’ve already downloaded another lot from the set, you can disregard the files marked with the letter corresponding to that lot, since you should already have them in your game.


FT Out of the Box Chair CEP extras here: you need HA“HA_CEP_FTOutoftheBoxChair_Documents” and HA“HA_CEP_FTOutoftheBoxChair_ProgramFiles” (included in Shasta’s sfs/mediafire download).
Put HA_CEP_FTOutoftheBoxChair_Documents into \Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA.
Put HA_CEP_FTOutoftheBoxChair_ProgramFiles into C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA.

Sheep and Sheep Painting CEP extras Chere
Put HL_CEP_EXTRA_childClassicFT into \Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA.
Put HL_CEP_EXTRA_childClassicFT-programFiles into C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA.

Ms Barrows on TSR
-∞Eloquence Single Glass-Ornate Door Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-FBAEloquence Double Glass-Ornate Door Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-BHCAEloquence Single Tall Ornate Window Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-BEloquence Double Tall Ornate Window Straight
(Non required diagonal version here)
-CEloquence Set Galvanized Recolour
-MFPCVictorian Indoor Railing - Peeling Blue
-MFBPCVictorian Fence-Matching Stairs - Peeling Blue
Important: There are custom instructions to install these stairs, you can find them on this page, under the “Required” tab (the stairs used in this build only require you to copy-paste the paragraph starting with “#msb_vicporch_peelingblue_modularstair”).
-The calendar in the staff kitchen requires 6 files to be exactly as shown:
MHCAMulti-Use Photo Frame - Square (Medium) MESH
HMulti-Use Photo Frame - Portrait MESH
MHCAPhoto Frame Calendars - Square Master Mesh
HPhoto Frame Calendars - Portrait Mesh
Multi-Use Photo Recolours Set 8 - La Farge - Wild Roses
MVintage Calendar - Recolour 1947-12

Padre on TSR
Nadir Carpets Set B - Nashi Pear

Included CC

Adele - Odette build set: simple wall tiles in cream
AroundtheSims - “Creative toy 004” drums (lots of scrolling down)
Buggybooz - Aurore bedroom: hanging picture frame, sofa bench, sofa bench RC_tapisserie, neutral stripe wallpaper
Buggybooz - Feast of Frames: first download: suspense style 2 tile picture frame; second download: BB_RecolourPoster_Suspense_RC1WKimble, BB_RecolourPoster_Suspense_RC2WKimble
Buggybooz - Kitchen clutter pack: olive oil drizzler, vinegar drizzler, kettle
Buggybooz - Kitchenbasic set: master meshes: BB_KitchenBasic_Counter, BB_KitchenBasic_Stool1; slave and appliances: backsplash, splishy splashy sink
Buggybooz - Kitchenbasic Extras: counteronly, undercounter deco cabinet allsorts1
Buggybooz - Kitchenbasic Extras (third download): shabby recolor BB_KitchenBasic_CounterRC_officeallsortsdingy
Buggybooz - Shakerlicious kitchen: counter, dining chair, dining table round countertop finish, fridge1, fridge1 RCwhite, kiddy high chair, low peg rack, deco wooden spoon, deco blackboard, KitchenBasic Stool1 reco ShakerBeigeweave
Buggybooz - Shakerlicious Extras, part 2: BB_KitchenBasic_Stool1RC_ShakerNatural
Buggybooz - Shakerlicious heart (last download on the page): deco hear v2, deco heart small, deco heart RC8 RC12
Buggybooz - Oh Baby Nursery: bunny wheeler, bunny wheeler recolors: blue green orange, dino wheeler, giraffe wheeler
Celebkiriedhel - MLC Toys Recolors: xylophone in MLCBlueTheme, MLCPurpleTheme, MLCRainbowTheme
Curiousb - Neighborhood Terrain Default Replacements Set: neighborhood sidewalk tiles (seasons version)
Heget, Rebecah - Rocking deer: mesh, recolors: tanbrown-oceanblue, tandark-meadow, tanlight-cream, white-palecoral
Hek - Buggybooz’s KitchenBasic Recolors: tilespurple
Hek - Sommerferien living room: flowers, small flowers
Honeywell - Interior Wall Collection: Bohemian Brick in “Hi-Yo Silver!”
Honeywell - Bathroommate Foot rug Recolors: “bathroommate-rug-RC-4gray-medium_honeywell”
Liz - Claybee business set: community phone recolor “liz_biz_clyb_phoneComm-clay”
Liz - Claybee Nursery: logic toy recolor “liz_nrs_clyb_toy-logic”
LunaSims, DavinaOjeda - LunaSims dollhouses: LunaSims dollhouse 1 + rec1, LunaSims dollhouse 2 + rec1
Michelle - Simple Sink NO Toothbrush: mesh and white recolor
Michelle - OFB Craft/Work Station Recolours: toy bench in MALM Birch
P34nut - Yellow Birch Wooden Floors: nougat
PineappleForest - Lamp Collection: Glass&Brass master mesh PF_G&B_AntiqueBilliardLamp_MASTERmesh, G&B bell pendant light, G&B bells table lamp, G&B fantastical street lamp, G&B lantern fence light, G&B pyramid wall lamp, G&B round wall lamp; RCs MetalPolishedBrass, MetalSteel, MetalVerdigris, Satin-Pastel
PineappleForest - Sweet Bouquet Set: in SweetBouquetSet_[NL]: small mesh; in VaseCollection4Recolors: LilacWhite
Pixelhate - Time Factor Walls: BrickStrip 05-A, BrickStrip 05-B, BrickStrip 05-C
Serabiet/io - Floral wallpapers: grandmafloral4
Shastakiss YetiChalet recolors - OFB storybook bay window recolors: windowstorybookbay_white & windowstorybookbayglass_leaves, AL radial wooden stairs rowboat recolor, AL wooden railing rowboat recolor, AL 1-tile shelf driftwood recolor, OFB Euro pedestal driftwood recolor, OFB shelving driftwood recolor, OFB storybook counter wood driftwood recolor, FT potty driftwood recolor, BG bougainvillea purple recolor, BG Japanese maple bluegreen recolor, FT painting classic recolors lizmytinger_chipmunk, lizmytinger_deer, lizmytinger_owl, lizmytinger_rabbit, lizmytinger_raccoon and frame_driftwood, OFB wedge bear driftwood recolor and included CEP extra
Shastakiss - Darren Dreamer Starter Kit: chair twig recolor
Shoukeir/Sims2Play - Toybox 2009 #1: mesh, recolor box 2, recolor cubes
SilentLucidity - Full Range Shiftable OMSPs: end table OMSPs 1 + invisible recolor
Solfal, Lama - Playable rag doll: mesh and RCs
Suratan - 20 Half-tiled Walls and Matching Floors: half-tiled wall 20
TheJim07 - Built-in Halogen Spots
Veranka - Kitchen Clutter: knife rack, knife rack RC01
Veranka - TS3 Bakery: cash register
Veranka - University Life Items: paint brushes, painting tools
Veranka - Io Bathroom: wall mirror
Veranka - Midnight Hollow Set: boxy blocks, boxy blocks RC02, chestnut nutcracker, classically creepy doll, creepy doll RC03, crafter’s workbench, crafter’s workbench RC02, GoLightly advertisements, GoLightly wall covers, GoLightly wall covers RCpic01, hyper hippocamp, hyper hippocamp RCa01, tiny tot toy shelf, tiny tot toy shelf reorganized, tiny tot toy shelf reorganized RCa01, tomfoolery toybox, tomfoolery toybox RC01, toy shop sign, toy shop sign RCa02, toy shop sign RCb02, toy store sign, toy store sign RC02, wall of tools

Default replacement (non-included, non-required)

Shastakiss - BG community trash can default

Additional CC used in my screenshots (non-included, non-required)

Criquette&WitheredLilies, Greatcheesecakepersona, Lowedeus - Skylines: “Alpine”
Curiousb - Neighborhood Terrain Default Replacements Set: dirt terrain replacement, dirt road replacement, road overlay (the download links to the bundles are broken, you have to use the yellow link to the individual downloads)
Lowedeus - The Great Sky of Totalitarianism: neighborhood skybox in “Tower”

Additional credits and thanks to Mootilda for the Lot Adjuster and the Clean Installer.

Sweet dreams my dears