Invisible Pool Light

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2021 at 5:14 AM
I found myself making some recolorable pool lights, but the problem was...they weren't throwing light in the correct place. Not being experienced enough to fiddle with lighting files, I decided that rather than spend ages trying to figure it out, I could just make an invisible version of the basegame pool light and create the illusion of it coming from the new light. Furthermore, these could be used en mass to make a much brighter light output to reflect off Sims and furniture without getting in the way visually.

As it's cloned from the EAxis pool light, it's completely swimthrough, and I made the mesh a sort of open box to allow for clickthrough if you did, as intended, stack these on top of any other type of custom light you wanted to use as a pool light, or to give a magical glow to any other kind of in-ground affair.

128 polys, found in Buy > Lighting > Outdoor for the low, low price of absolutely nothing at all.