MORE TOWNIES: Isla Paradiso

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2022 at 12:28 AM
Updated: 4th Jun 2022 at 10:49 PM
Almost done with the EP worlds! My current save file is in IP and I forgot how gorgeous it is despite the lag. Needless to say, you probably shouldn't add all these sims to Isla Paradiso at the same time lest you make the lag worse, but hopefully they'll make your resorts and dive spots a bit more populated! (And give you a male Mermaid to woo that isn't named Triton or, god forbid, Salty.)

What you get:

Each zipped folder contains 8 sims. In total, there are 32 sims available for download: 8 adult males, 8 young adult males, 8 adult females, and 8 young adult females.
There are 4 Mermaid sims, one in each group.
The sims are all saved wearing Pyxis's Huckleberry Pie default skin, which will be replaced with the default skin in your game (cc or EA).
All sims' facial features are individually tweaked by me, never presets.

How to install:

.sim files go in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims

In order to have these sims appear as homeless townies, move them into a house via Edit Town and then evict them.
You can also use MC to assign specific roles to sims, if you want a certain sim for a certain role.
I did originally intend for Niki and Weston Dean to be siblings, and then realized why that wouldn't work [smacks forehead]. But, if you feel so inclined, you can also use MC to make them siblings for real.


Don't reupload these sims or claim them as your own, but feel free to use them in legacies/stories/what have you, as long as you link back to the download here!

Under the cut is a list of each sim's traits & LTW. (M) indicates that the sim is a Mermaid.