Shadi's Donut Earrings from YuGiOh

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2022 at 6:53 PM
Since I've pinned down a workflow for creating Sims 3 earrings, I figured I would go ahead and model the earrings of other characters from YuGiOh. Shadi has earrings so ostentatious that they were called out in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, but I have tamed them down for your everyday use by basing them off of the Toei anime.

These earrings appear in CAS like any other accessories. You should only need the base game for them to work. They are enabled for all ages, genders and outfit categories, but you won't find them appearing on random sims.

There are 3 recolorable channels and 4 pattern presets: rose gold, yellow gold, silver and a mix.

I optimized the poly count so these earrings should not slow down your game.

Level of Detail (LOD) Counts:

192 vertices
384 triangles

96 vertices
192 triangles

48 vertices
96 triangles

Since the bodies of each age group and gender are different, I’ve had to make small adjustments to the meshes and textures to have the earrings present correctly on each. Within the zip file download, you will find only one package file because I have merged all these versions together: pu, cu, tm, tf, am, af, em and ef.

Please do not upload my work on another site. I would like some credit for all the hard work I put in. This is for all the other YuGiOh fans out there. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:

In these screenshots, the dress is the Off Shoulder Maxi Dress by ekinege.