Watercolour Fruits | Fruit Art on 2 Maxis Meshes

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2022 at 3:19 PM
Updated: 20th Sep 2022 at 4:14 AM
**Find more of my work on my Tumblr! My latest is not uploaded here as I can't be bothered to take all the photos MTS deems necessary**

You might as well call me the Painting Recolour Queen. Yikes. But they're fun to make, so oh well.

Just a few fruity watercolours in my Custom Paintings folder turned into an entire project of fruity watercolourness! For your kitchens, or wherever else you see fit.

21 in total, and this time I've used "B Stroke" instead of "A Stroke," just to split up all my painting recolours so as not to just chuck them all on the one mesh. The scrolling would be insufferable.


16 recolours on Nightlife's "B Stroke" mesh.
Buy Mode > Decorative > Wall Hangings. §1,750

5 recolours on Free Time's "Living Room With Man & Woman" mesh.
Buy Mode > Decorative > Wall Hangings. §380

As these are Maxis recolours, no mesh is required for these to work in-game.
Nightlife & Free Time required

As usual, the filenames correlate with the swatch. They're foldered and labeled according to the mesh they're on.

Partial credit to Chad, the dude on Etsy from whom I snagged a good chunk of these artworks. In case you actually want these in your real kitchens ha.