Social Bunny - No Mean Messages from Parents

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2022 at 11:12 AM
Social Bunny - Stop getting mean messages from parents

Adult sims can't send their teens an energized message yet they can send them mean messages saying they have a punchable face "what the bleep???"

My teens getting random mean messages from adults including their own parents even with great friendship with them. My teen got the one saying she had a punchable face from her mother who is her bff and who doesn't have any bad traits

I know the flirty situation is being looked into and i do like a lot of realism in my game but parents bullying their teens on social media is a huge NO NO

I don't know how long it be before its fixed so i made a temporary fix myself

What it does

This stops adults being able to manual send mean message to teens and the random ones teens receive

It's doesn't stop teens sending or receiving mean to teens or adult to adult just adult to teen and vise versa (it's just a copy of the rel bit test from the flirty message's so does exactly the same thing for mean)

so still get some mean message from teens, i don't much like that either but i accept that as realism but i won't accept adults bullying not even in a game...

I've tested over a in game week with no random mean messages from any adults

If the issue gets fixed in a patch or if someone else has already made a mod for it i'll remove it but for now if anyone wants to use it here you go