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More Chinese Names (+new type!)

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2024 at 11:51 AM
Updated: 7th Apr 2024 at 5:09 AM
This mod adds new names and new name types for townies and CAS randomizers. It includes:
-Generic surname 14k, male name 15k, female name 15k
-Japanese surname 8k, male name 5k, female name 4k
-Chinese surname 3k, male name 7k, female name 7k
-Indian surname 2k, male name 4k, female name 4k
-Latin surname 1k, male name 2k, female name 2k
-Moroccan surname 1k, male name 5k, female name 5k
-Cat/Dog female 6k, male 6k
-Horse female 4k, male 4k
-Skeleton surname 1k, male name 0.7k, female name 0.7k
-Robot surname 0.7k, male name 7k, female name 7k
-Fox, Islander, Southeast Asian, Native American, Plopsy, Trendi, and more

The following are the newly added types (If kuttoe gives me permission)
-Italian surname 3k, male name 1k, female name 1k
-Russian male surname 1k, female surname 1k, male name 0.7k, female name 0.5k
-Vampire, Spellcaster, Alien, French, German, Greek, Nordic, Korean, Creole, African, and more
These new types are currently unavailable until kuttoe adds them to his mod.


Simplified Chinese


This mod change the following files and will conflict with any mod that also change these files:


This mod works with Version 1.105.345.1020