Hair Shades! - XMSims Flora 098 In 10 Random Pooklet Unnaturals

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2024 at 3:51 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2024 at 10:41 PM
I've been dabbling in hair retextures and recolours but never really uploaded any because I doubted that they look good and I didn't want to remake them, but now I thought if I did some random dyed styles it would be nice!
So here I present to you XMSims' Flora 098 in 10 random Pooklet Unnaturals! I decided to CC-ify my model this time just because.
The colours are named as follows (These numbered names are also used in the filenames):
  • Hair Shade 1: Unstable
  • Hair Shade 2: Hydrazine
  • Hair Shade 3: Blasting Agent
  • Hair Shade 4: Nitroglycerin
  • Hair Shade 5: Flammable
  • Hair Shade 6: Torpedo
  • Hair Shade 7: Pentolite
  • Hair Shade 8: Shockwave
  • Hair Shade 9: Hangfire
  • Hair Shade 10: Tetryl
Cover image has a filter on, click the next images to see the actual hairs!
Mesh NOT INCLUDED, get it here!'
If the mesh link doesn't work, simply right-click on it and choose Open in new window in your browser so that it's forced to redirect you to the direct download link, then it will automatically open the Save menu and you can download it. If it doesn't open the menu on the first try, hit Refresh. :D
These are for Teens, Young Adults, and Adults, female only. Toddlers and Children show up as blond and Elders as grey EAxis hairs, but there's nothing I can do about that (That is in my abilities )
Unbinned, because they're dyed! The eyebrows will show blond because that's what colour I used in the beginning. Just click on the actual genetic hair colour you want on the haircolour bar and it will change to it without changing the actual hairstyle.
They're Compressorized, but still quite large in filesize, about 1 MiB each. You can check the colour list above to see which ones you want and which not. :D

Pooklet - For the absolutely amazing textures and actions! I got them here.
XMSims - For the cute mesh provided!

Model's CC List:
Skin - Enayla
Eyes - Digi/Hermit Fox
Makeup - EAxis, bruno
Clothes - bruno for the top