Bedouin Beats Music Replacement Mod

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2024 at 9:54 AM
The sun scorches the surcafe of the great deserts of Al Simhara, shining so bright that sand seems to be turned to gold. Do your Sims have what it takes to explore the Middle-East?

This music replacement contains copyright-free Oriental and Egyptian inspired harp, flute, lute, lyre tracks and replaces the Build, Buy, CAS, Map View, Loading Screen, and Main Menu screen music, to make your Middle-Eastern worlds more authentic!

Your Sims love exploring bazaars and charming snakes? Or they traveled thousands of miles to explore ancient pyramids? Could the myth be true about the ancient mummies, guarding long lost secrets of wisdom, and fortune? Using the glass-blowing station and being creative is your Sims' thing? This music replacement mod will make them feel like they were truly living in the great deserts!


- Build01:

- Build02:

- Build03:

- Build04:

- Buy01:

- Buy02

- Buy03

- Buy04

- CAS01

- CAS02

- CAS03

- CAS04

- CAS05

- CAS06

- CAS07

- LoadLoop01


- MainTheme01

- MainTheme02

- Map01

- Map02

- Map03

- Map04

- Map05

- Map06

- Map07

The inspiraton for this mod came from playing in these lovely worlds to-be-mentioned, and from my fondness of Egyptian architecture and culture, as I was always intrigued by these massive, perfectly engineered wonders, and I felt a music replacement mod for these types of worlds is very much needed. But you are not limited to using this mod only in these towns of course!

Al Simhara (EA)
Luxor (wasset aseskara)
Setra (Pyronium3)
Eastlands (jje1000 and Nilxis)
Al Shibalba (MySimRealty)
Al Medina (Zach_Bundy)

denton47 for the TS3 Sound Tool Beta.

Download and extract the file into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Overrides folder

This mod conflicts with any other mod, that replaces the Build/Buy/CAS/Map/Loading Screen/Main Menu Screen music.

Packs Required:
None, BaseGame compatible.