Metalfenix Sim (Raf)

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Uploaded 2nd Sep 2005 at 7:05 AM · Updated 2nd Sep 2005 at 5:33 PM by metalfenix

Since a few days ago I've been asked to upload the sim in my avatar, and after seeing Hony's sim (Chad) I finally give up (like him); I named him Raf (after me of course, my name is Rafael) and is almost my self sim (He has my tattoos in the real life and I'm bald too), I said almost because I will never be as build as him.

Okay, the custom parts of the sim:

Beard: The beard (jawbeard without moustache) was made by necrodog here:

Glasses: The glasses made were by Akula (look for the Neo's model) here. The link:

Top: The leather top I made, You can find the base mesh (created by the almighty marvine and beos) here:

Yo can find my leather top and other leather underwear here:

Pants: My leather chap pants. look here:

And Finally the skin. The skin In my avatar was made over the blackdeftan made by Allen, I added The tattoos to the skintone (These are my real - life tattoos by the way) . The link for the Allen's skins is this (If you want the original unmodified skin) :

Really, I want to thank all the people who made the custom parts of the sim, without you this sim won't be possible.