Full, Thick Beard (v1.1 fix)

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Uploaded 19th Oct 2005 at 5:40 AM · Updated 21st Oct 2005 at 3:53 AM by AllenABQ : fixed gray bitmaps for brown and blonde

v1.1 -- fixed problem with brown and blonde elder gray version!

The brown and blonde versions of this upload had wrong/bad bitmaps for elders (the gray version) packaged into them. They are VERY NOTICEABLE in gameplay. If you downloaded the original zip file, here is the fixed version. Please note you'll have to delete the old versions from your Download folder. The object ID at the beginning is not the same in the new version, so they will not overwrite the old ones.

For deleting the old files, you can search for these strings in your Downloads folder in order to remove them:


*Gray elder version pic added for reference. This is what you should see in the game!


No Maxis variation this time!

Back when BodyShop came out prior to the release of the game, one of my first projects was to do this beard in black. I also ended up doing one in red before I dropped the effort because they didn't come out looking quite the way I had hoped. Still, I submitted those two to TSR.

So today I got a strange urging to revisit this old project, make it look better, and fill in the colors that were missing. I think I succeeded, although I did this in kind of a rush and probably could have tinkered with it a little more. But overall, I'm satisfied that this set is complete at last.

Each of these is, of course, linked to a gray/elder counterpart.