New house available for ts4

Date Posted: 2nd Aug 2016 at 12:47 PM

I have updated a house for ts4, it's available on Onedrive and the Gallery. It will also be available on TSR in a few days. I hope you like it

More information, pictures and videos on my blog:
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Another thing to test?

Date Posted: 25th Jul 2013 at 5:17 PM

I have been wondering about this journal thing for a while. Do anyone really read these? It's so hot up here these days I don't have the energy to do much. I have been working on some things though.

Perhaps it's the time for complicated matters? I finally started on the tutorial table with Milkshape. It's been so much bach and forth. It always had to be something wrong, either wrong time or wrong program.

On the more steadily developing side is my world Stranda. It's a modern world mostly, style goes from a few traditional buildings to many modern in different style, along with some minimalist and perhaps experimental designs. I'm testing it heavily myself these days, and I'm beginning to finish up. I still have some few lots left to make. I guess finding out when I'm finished is a job as well.

Updates on my blog:
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