Where did my stuff go?

Date Posted: 17th May 2017 at 12:58 PM

TL; DR: Elsewhere. Will that ever be MTS? No.

Update: All my downloads, pictorials, stories, etc are now available on my own web site. This includes all those that were here and some additional ones.

I fundamentally disagree with the site's "no hot linking" rule. If you want to make something quickly, eg a recolour of a picture based on something funny said in a transient forum post, you are forced to make a web page for it as well - death to spontaneity.

But, as it says under the 'Site Rules and Guidelines', "If you do not wish to follow the above rules, then please go elsewhere." So I have gone elsewhere.

If, I'm forced to make web pages on a third party site for off-the-cuff mods, I may as well make web pages there for all my mods, which means there is no point uploading here as that just doubles my work-load.

So my downloads have gone, and are on my own web-site.

Leg godt!

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