New Twitter account!

Date Posted: 20th Apr 2019 at 6:34 PM

Yep, I just got old enough to have a Twitter account. I will be posting videos and pictures of my mods and creations in development, as well as chatting with my followers

You can find my Twitter here! --->
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Another mod, more work

Date Posted: 24th Nov 2018 at 2:54 AM

I've recently just uploaded a new mod, well it's a beta mod for now. And I'm already thinking of a new mod, but darn I've been so busy to do a whole lot of things, it's taken me a couple days to animate a few things, only because I wander off to other things without finishing what I'm doing, it's just a bad habit
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New way to animate!

Date Posted: 29th Oct 2018 at 11:40 PM

Something really helpful I discovered

Hurray! So I discovered how to add IK targets to my sim rigs, hopefully animating will be a bit easier now, and I should get some more mods uploaded soon.

Mods in mind

Here are some mods I have planned on doing, some might work, some might need someone to help me!

1. Toddlers can climb stairs: So far, the interaction appears only if the toddler is on the ground floor, or not at the top of the stairs. This'll probably need a script mod...
2. Having toddlers able to take naps on beds: So far I haven't tested if the interaction appears. Though I'm positive it will!
3. Having children able to take care of babies; this will most probably be a sequel to my "Children can care for toddlers" mod, I have started on this, but still not made any animations for it.
4. Fixing/making some animations better: I'm pretty excited for this mod, since I'll replace most animations in which sims deny the law of gravity, such as when adults place toddlers in the stroller, they just plop them in there, well I'mm try making animations of them actually doing that thing in a realistic way.
5. Some other mods I've planned, but I just can't remember right now.


As to many of my mods, as well as other CC I've made, if anybody ever encounters the CC damaged, then please try updating your Winrar or 7zip since I've said this a thousand times already
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