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Date Posted: 16th Oct 2021 at 1:53 PM

Just a little update.

I feel even more busy now than I have been the rest of the year.

I'm currently still not playing Sims for a while. My things might not get any updates for a while.

I'm currently working very long hours, and helping out at a COVID vaccination centre weekly, and attending a language course once a week with plenty of homework and study to be getting on with.

I feel like I have barely any time any more. When I get back from work I'm just drained and go to bed since it's late anyway. My weekends are now basically just study days or if I have time to sit and do literally nothing for a change.

Sorry if you want/need updates for things but I just can't do them right now. I'd like to sit and make some more things, I do enjoy it. But I make things for me, and share with the wider community if someone would like what I wanted changing in my game. So, since I'm not playing right now, I don't need to make anything.

x x
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Date Posted: 8th Feb 2021 at 10:40 PM

Just wanted to update here. I've not worked on this at all for a long time... I am sorry, and when I've said it's not abandoned, it isn't. I do want to, and plan to finish it, eventually.

I just wanted to explain a little:

1) Pandemic - I work in the NHS full-time... I've been busy (I'm admin staff, not a nurse/doctor/etc, and I thank my clinical colleagues and all the others to the highest possibility for all their hard work and effort during this time).
2) Computer - my computer with all my mod/CC work and files died on me. I have a new one, and thank Arkay (that's a god from TES series btw) I decided to keep them on my One Drive, but my relative has my hard drive with my Sims 4 documents folder on. I might have lost stuff until I can get that back and I'm disheartened a bit.
3) Sadness - a close relative has been very ill recently and they might not be around for much longer. Should they pass away, I'm going to want a break away even more so. They passed away today (9.2.21)
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Date Posted: 23rd May 2020 at 9:17 PM


Number of items updated: 260 out of 474
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Date Posted: 19th Apr 2020 at 8:12 PM


Number of items updated: 210 out of 474
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Date Posted: 15th Mar 2020 at 12:05 PM


Number of items updated: 200 out of 474
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Date Posted: 14th Mar 2020 at 11:51 AM


Number of items updated: 140 out of 474
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Date Posted: 12th Mar 2020 at 8:12 PM


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Date Posted: 26th Feb 2020 at 12:54 PM

Contemplating starting again due to changes in xml format by EA.

Previously copy pasted all my old code into the new format but I think some of the pie menus and structures have changed. I want it to be the same, not in the old format.

EG: I'm sure "chat" was it's own seperate bubble before, now I think it comes under "social"?? Or something along those lines.
Will find all new codes and redo.

Huge setback - not thrilled about it - updates might be slow because I'm like: *sighhhhh*
And it's already taken me a month just to type this out.
Will open my files now and see where I need to start

Started again

Number of items updated: 60 out of 474
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Date Posted: 22nd Jan 2020 at 9:04 PM

Investigating possibility of adding "assign" option.

Located code in "object_Computer_High":

In up-to-date EA code it is located above super affordance list. Will I need to move things? or can I just slot it in? To test
Super affordances are also higher up the list than they originally were
Also located


Seems as though there is quite a bit to change. Will redo my Orb object tuning with the new coding format and copy paste my edits into it. New super affordances will need to be extracted and looked into for OTG and anims
To make a copy of the file for testing

Updated to new xml format
Extracted all new interactions I can find to be edited later (OTG/anims)
Computer security settings functional (locking/unlocking PC)
To update from <T>31661<!--Computer_Use_Read--></T> to <T>31397<!--Computer_Use_Read_Screen--></T> (I prefer this)
To update computer_SocialNetwork_CheckSocialMediaTimeline to social anims - I didn't do this first time round for some reason
Updated <T>13228<!--computer_Picker_Chat--></T> to work OTG - don't know why I hadn't already
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Date Posted: 12th Jan 2020 at 2:44 AM

Originally Posted by RedMallie
One issue is that it is not possible to assign / personalize the PC, at least, I did not see the option in the pie menu.
Another issue is that in the pie menu I got different legends indicating only simoleon figures, for example: $100, $200; I could not understand what these were for. There were more then eight legends like that.
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